Why You Seriously Need to Start Drinking More Water Each Day

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Everyone knows that drinking enough water is crucial for a healthy body. But then, not everyone is trying hard to keep themselves hydrated. Many would go for other fluids. Others would even choose alcohol and caffeinated drinks instead of water. This is despite knowing the consequences of improper hydration.

But did you know that there are serious consequences caused by poor hydration? This is not only limited to headaches, constipation, dry skin, severe dehydration, and weight gain. These are just some more reasons to start drinking more water each day:

Relieves Sinusitis

Sinusitis can be a pain in the neck. This can disrupt your ability to focus on your tasks. Aside from the pain and discomfort, your sinus problem can grow and will require you to consult a sinus specialist to address your issue.

One good way to avoid sinus problems is to keep yourself hydrated. Drinking adequate amounts of water help keep the insides of your nose moist. If your nose is moist, the cilia or hair inside your nose can do a better job of moving mucus, dirt, and debris out your sinuses, thus preventing infection.

Reduces Pain

Numerous studies claim that dehydration can boost your sensitivity to pain. In a study, participants were asked to participate in a test wherein their feet were submerged in cold water. As a result, participants who are more dehydrated have a more painful experience with the test

According to science, the discs in our spine consist of 88% water. These discs provide enough cushion in our spine. If without enough fluid, our spine won’t have anything to act as a shock absorber, leading to back pain.

So, the next time you have aches and body pain, make sure you drink more water. This way, you can reduce your sensitivity to pain. You can even prevent future aches like back pain with the simple habit of drinking adequate amounts of water.

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Makes You Happier

Did you know that lack of water in your body can cause you to be grumpy? That’s right! The next time you’re feeling blue or moodier than usual, consider drinking more water.

In a study, athletes were divided into two groups. Both groups underwent athletics where only one group was giving fluids during the activity. Aside from fatigue, the dehydrated athletes experienced negative moods and confusion.

When you keep yourself hydrated, you will be in a better mood. This allows you to better focus on your tasks at hand. You can think clearly, overcome fatigue, and will actually feel happier even after a productive day.

Water also helps stimulate your endorphin levels. These are your feel-good hormones. The more endorphins you stimulate, the better your mood will be.

Prevents Cancer

Cancer patients can be severely dehydrated due to their condition and undergoing treatment. Some medications and chemotherapy can contribute to dehydration. This is why patients are encouraged to drinks lots of fluids for a faster recovery.

But the question is, can hydration really prevent cancer? According to numerous studies, you can reduce your risk of developing different kinds of cancers like bladder cancer, colon cancer, and breast cancer through proper hydration. This is since water contains the most important nutrients needed by our body.

Keeping yourself hydrated helps promote better cell growth, reproduction, and survival. When you have healthy cells at a healthy amount, you can better protect your essential organs. This helps your body stay healthy and avoid abnormal cells from growing.

Of course, you need to make sure you are drinking safe drinking water. For best results, invest in a home-filtered tap. Avoid storing your water in plastic bottles and use glass or stainless steel water bottles instead.

Reduces Stress

Many people these days are stressed out. Drinking enough water can help you fight stress. Here’s how.

One of your body’s stress hormones is cortisol. When you are already stressed out and your body is not getting enough fluid, your cortisol level goes up. Why drinking enough water, this can help lower your cortisol levels, thus reducing your stress.

This goes to show that maintaining adequate amounts of fluid each day can help you fight off stress. You may be exposed to your daily stress triggers. But you can keep your cortisol levels at bay, meaning your stress levels will be a lot more manageable.

This goes to show how crucial proper hydration is. This can help you reduce your stress levels and your sensitivity to pain. You will be happier and prevent sinus problems. You can even stop cancer from ruining your life. Drinking plenty of water indeed can change your life for the better. So, make sure you don’t take hydration for granted and start drinking more for a healthier life.

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