Could an Organic Lifestyle Lead to Healthier Oral Health?

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Several factors, including disease, accidents, genetics and other factors can affect the shape of your teeth and your overall oral health. Brushing your teeth regularly is not enough to keep it bright and straight; dentists often rely on using braces and aligners to give you the perfect smile. However, using braces can be a problem for some as they affect your appearance. Even invisible braces such as clear aligners do impact your beautiful natural smile, to some extent. But what if we say that you don’t have to worry about your dental health if you start adopting and leading an organic lifestyle?

It is proven that lifestyle can significantly affect your overall health, including your dental health. For instance, eating an unhealthy diet and chewing tobacco can undoubtedly hamper your oral condition. Some organic substances can help protect your teeth and gums from all the adverse effects. Let’s have a look at some organic lifestyle mantras that can protect your dental health. Below are some organic lifestyle changes that you can adapt to make your teeth whiter, healthier, and stronger.

Eat a healthy diet

Fresh farm and dairy products are an essential part of an organic lifestyle. Eating healthy food such as green-leafy vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals, provides vital nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin D, and calcium, required by your gums. An unhealthy diet rich in carbohydrates, fats, and sugar can deteriorate your teeth and gums. It is not that you should altogether avoid such food items because we all know that consuming them a few times cannot mess up your oral health. But, your diet should not constitute 70% to 80% of these types of food items.

Whiten with charcoal

It might be fascinating, but dark charcoal can help whiten your teeth; in fact, it is the best organic way to make your teeth shine brightly. Charcoal is a natural substance found on the layers of earth. It is absorbent and will absorb all the toxins and unhealthy bacteria from your teeth. This will significantly reduce the number of bacteria and other particles that cause yellow and stained teeth.

Go with oil pulling

Oil pulling is nothing but using natural oil to wash your teeth. Toothpaste is undoubtedly helpful for healthy teeth, but oil pulling can be even better. It may sound strange to you, but this Ayurveda technique is more than helpful to improve oral and overall health. You can use a combination of multiple organic oils with different benefits for added advantage. For instance, orange oil is beneficial for brightening teeth, while sesame oil is useful for reducing toxins and plaque in your mouth. Hence, using a combination of both of them will provide multiple benefits.

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Fluoridated water is not good

You might say that fluoride is a natural substance. But when added with chemicals to prepare fluorosilicic acid, which is added to dental products, it becomes both risky and beneficial. Research shows that fluorosilicic acid is harmful to our body and health in multiple ways. It can have an adverse impact on teeth, bones, and sugar levels. Instead of using fluoridated water for cleaning your mouth, you can opt to go for the oil pulling method mentioned above, which has numerous benefits.

Use herbs for oral health

Using natural herbs can help treat and prevent several dental conditions, including tooth decay, bad odor, and inflamed gums. Herbs such as capsicum, echinacea, and rosa, when used as a toothpaste or for mouthwash, will moisturize your oral cavity, which helps prevent decay caused due to dry mouth. For treating bad odor coming from the mouth, natural herbs such as parsley, fennel seeds, alfalfa tea, and myrrh are useful. Aloe Vera gel, goldenseal, and eucalyptus oil, along with others, are best to treat inflamed teeth and gums. Natural herbs can easily prevent multiple other dental conditions.

Avoid smoking and chewing tobacco

Probably you would already know that smoking and chewing tobacco can increase the number of toxins and harmful bacteria in your dental cavity that can stain your teeth and cause several oral problems. By simply avoiding these two things will improve your dental health and prevent numerous oral and overall medical conditions.

Leading an organic lifestyle helps improve oral health, sustain the environment, and live a long healthy life. Studies have proven the connection between dental health and systemic diseases such as diabetes, stroke, and heart attack. So why wait? Use the methods mentioned above to lead an organic lifestyle beginning with your dental health.

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