8 Ways to Stay Sane and Fit During Crisis

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Crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic that’s been ravaging the global economy and causing tremendous ill effects among affected individuals, can turn into a perfect storm that could topple even the toughest physical and mental vessels of people. If you’re among the millions of Americans currently battling the storm brought by COVID-19, you can surely relate to this statement and agree completely.

Here are eight ways on how you can weather any crisis by keeping your sanity and health intact:

Start a garden.

The COVID-19 pandemic started an unusual revolution in the United States and in many countries worldwide almost overnight — that of home gardening. As millions were forced to stay at home, they struggled to think of ways to pass time away and turn idle time into something productive. Enter the world of seeds and pots, shovels, and garden soil.

Not having a plot of land is not even an issue, as plant boxes placed on rooftops and windows can be the perfect workaround. If you happen to be blessed with a large plot of land with enough free space to work at, then there’s no excuse to dump this idea.

Grow some vegetables, or ornamental plants even. It doesn’t matter what you grow in your pots or garden. Just plant something to keep you busy, productive, and have a sense of achievement amid a crisis.

Bathe in nature.

If it’s safe enough for you to go, consider taking regular hikes or camping in a forest near your home. You only need to invest in basic hiking clothes and camping gear to do this, so it shouldn’t stretch your budget thin.

Do as how the Japanese do it: shinrin-yoku or ‘forest bathing’ is a proven therapeutic activity that helps relieve stress and anxiety without spending a fortune. Communing with nature is in our DNA as humans, which explains why doing such an activity has a healing effect on our psyche.

Maintain a healthy diet.

A crisis is never a great time to get sick and be hospitalized. The money that you’ll spend on medicine and hospital bills will be better spent paying utilities, mortgage, food, clothing, and other essential expenses. Letting your health slip away during such an uncertain time is the last thing you should allow.

You can easily prevent this by eating healthy food as much as possible. Do not scrimp on those fruits and vegetables or those whole grains and Omega 3 rich-fish. With a balanced and healthy diet, you can remain in the pink of health so you can survive and thrive despite the dire situation.

Put those muscles to task.

Regular exercise is among those proven ways of maintaining a fit and healthy body, as well as a sound mind. As such, you should include in your routine a few minutes or hours each day dedicated to simple exercises. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a 15-minute pushup or 30 minutes at the treadmill, just make your muscles move to keep them in great shape.

woman resting from biking

Pursue your passion.

If your 9-5 job has previously prevented you from pursuing your passion, a crisis that forced you to spend time at home is a perfect time to renew your passion. The sense of satisfaction that you’ll get from such a venture will do your mental health a great favor, so be sure to go for it the soonest time you can.


Meditation is an age-old stress-relieving technique practiced by Buddhists, Taoists, Christians, and Jewish, among other religious peoples. This activity will bring you different benefits including relief from anxiety and stress, enhanced self-awareness and patience, as well as improved creativity.

Do volunteer work.

Volunteering for a good cause is never a bad idea, especially if it would help bring you a sense of achievement. These days, there are countless people who desperately need help financially and spiritually, so you should find ways to contribute whatever you can to such good causes. It can be as simple as using your talent to help others or contributing whatever amount you can spare to the funds of a charitable institution.

Connect with family and friends.

Just because you’re in a crisis doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy meaningful connections with old friends and family living in far-off places. Today’s digital age means it’s now easy to see the people closest to you even if just virtually. With social media and mobile apps that allow for one-tap voice and video calls, you can feel connected whenever you want using available digital technologies.

Life is full of challenges, but you can still keep things in order. Just heed these tips and you can easily survive this crisis and the next.

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