New Mom: The Challenges and Advantages

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It goes without saying that giving birth to a child is already difficult on its own. However, the next stage, becoming a new mom, may even be harder. Many challenges will come between you and your newfound life purpose, but there is an upside to it.

If you’re frightened about becoming a new mom because you have no idea what it is you’re facing, we’re here for you. This entire stage may be overwhelming, but knowing what’s ahead of you may help you prepare for it and see things from a new perspective.

New Mom Challenges

Before we dive into the positive side of becoming a mom, let’s first discuss what hurdles you may face. While the list of challenges is definitely a long one, we tried to minimize them to the most important ones. Below are some of the most common challenges you will face in this journey.


Around 50 to 75% of mothers who have just given birth experience erratic changes in their moods and emotions. This phenomenon is called the “baby blues.” Furthermore, 15% of these mothers will likely develop long-term effects of this condition called postpartum depression. Although these effects may fade after a few weeks, you must undergo postpartum depression therapy for professional help if the negative emotions do not subside.


Another common challenge for new moms is breastfeeding. Sometimes, mothers cannot get it right, and their child often fails to get the nutrients they need. One possible solution to this is to ask another mom for nursing tips. You can also ask her to come over and just observe what you might be doing wrong. If this doesn’t help, make sure you consult a lactation expert or your doctor.


The hardest and most controversial challenge for new moms is choosing between their careers and their role as parents. While the husband’s help is an absolute necessity in times like these, we can’t deny the fact that there are roles, such as breastfeeding, that only mothers can do. Don’t worry. If you make a decision, it doesn’t have to be final. Whichever you choose, think of it as something that you need to do for a year, and if you are struggling with your choice, you can always reconsider your options.

New Mom Benefits

mom and daughter

Life will be rocky once you become a mom, but that’s not to say that it’s all downhill from there. While there are challenges that will come along your way, there are, of course, benefits to being a new mom too.

You’re Never Lonely

One advantage that plenty of parents agree with is that they are never lonely. With a child’s presence, you know you have a new companion, and seeing your baby reach certain milestones is one of the most rewarding things you will ever experience in your life. Besides, there are plenty of games to play with your baby during his/her first year. Not only do these boost your child’s development, but truth be told, you’ll have fun, too.

Improved Health

While there are definitely plenty of psychological, social, and emotional advantages to motherhood, perhaps one that is not often discussed is improving your health. Becoming a new mom has lots of health benefits of motherhood, and these may range from reduced risks of certain types of cancer to better cardiac health caused by the reduction of arterial pressure in your heart.

An Excuse to Turn Down Events

Many parents abuse this benefit, and well, you earned it. We know that certain events make you feel anxious, nervous, or exhausted, and if you could only take a pass on it, you would. Well, becoming a new mom allows you to do that. Valid or not, you can easily say that you need to take care of your baby, and the other party wouldn’t have any other choice but to understand your current predicament because, for a mother, nothing in this world is more important than her child.

New Perspective

Another benefit that’s not often discussed in being a new mom is the new perspective you’ll get on important matters. First, you will renew your understanding of certain things you may have missed out on as a child. In addition to this, you will most likely gain a newfound love for your parents because now that you’re experiencing what they experienced in raising you, you’ll begin to understand how much they love you. ;

Being a new mom is scary, but it’s absolutely one of the most rewarding things in this life. You just need to prepare for the challenges and always remember that these hurdles are always worth it.

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