How to Plan Your First Ghost Hunting Trip

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A ghost hunting trip is not all about scares but fun and excitement as well. So if you are planning to visit South Carolina soon, aside from going on a sunset cruise in Charleston, why don’t you take a trip to the city’s spooky side, too? If it is your first time to hunt for ghosts and the supernatural, do not worry. Here is a list of the must-dos you should keep in mind to make the trip even more interesting to everyone in your group.

Visit during the ghost’s time

If you really want to feel the maximum paranormal activity, it is best that you visit on the so-called ghost’s time. Most of the time, this is at night, when there is no noise to distract your sixth sense. This way, you will be able to feel, see, hear or smell every little detail, which will only make the thrill-seeker in you more excited.

Find a good spot

You have to identify the specific spots where the paranormal activities usually happen. This can be an entire house, a prison cell or a cemetery. Ask around for some local legends and haunted places where you can spot spirits. You will not find this difficult since many travel agencies offer tours of these haunted places all year round.

Come up with a game plan

You might also want to create a game plan if you are planning to go on a ghost hunting trip. Once you have already found a good location o visit and determined the best time to do the ghost hunt, then it is now time to set up your game plan with your friends. Keep in mind that there are certain factors or objects that could trigger a paranormal reaction. You might want to research these things first before you head to the area. Also, learn about the history of the place and the haunting.

Pack your supplies

Stuff to pack for a trip

You should never come empty-handed on a ghost hunt. A camera that can work well even at night is perfect for this kind of trip. Bring an audio recorder too so that you would not miss any voice or sound that might accompany you during your tour. You might also want to bring with you a trigger object that the spirits in the area could relate to. All of these things are necessary for documenting your spooky trip.


You are there in the hopes of seeing, hearing or feeling spirits, aren’t you? So make sure to remain observant during the whole tour. Keep an eye on moving items. Listen for unusual sounds.

These are just some of the things that you should take into consideration if you are planning to do a ghost hunt. It is best to go on this kind of tour in groups so that you will somehow feel safe, especially when the ghost entities make their presence felt. Make the most out of your ghost hunting trip so that you and your friends will definitely have a night to remember.

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