5 Easy Ways to Limit Your Calorie Intake

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Calorie Counting and IntakeLosing weight is more about diet than exercise. Limiting the number of calories you consume can be very effective, but that entails adhering to a strict regimen. Sometimes, you need to shake things up and make things a little bit more interesting and easier on yourself.

Many people would say you can’t rush things and that is true. You can’t achieve your desired weight goal in an instant. The process requires a plan that will yield small yet significant results. Reducing your food intake should come with proper and regular exercise. Only then, can you achieve a leaner and healthier body.

Here’s a simple and easy-to-follow guide that will help you get closer to your dream physique:

Meal Preps

If you have cooking skills, you can prepare all your meals for the week in one go. This lets you tailor your calorie intake as well as the food you eat. If you don’t have the time, some businesses such as Galley Foods offer fully-prepared meals ready for delivery. Choose one that uses organic products as much as possible and let them know how much calories you want in each meal. This is a good way to gain control over your food intake and avoid overeating, which usually causes digestive problems.

Watching your Calorie Intake

Diet with Friends

Any strict regimen can seem easier if you’re doing it with a group. Friends encourage you to stick to a diet and piles on the guilt whenever you feel the need to break it. It’s also good to have friends who will cheer for you and encourage you to move forward and take your fitness goals to the next level.

Cut Your Carbs

Multiple diets, such as Atkins, Cohen, and even today’s Keto diet, focus on cutting carbohydrates. You’ll need to increase your protein intake to make up for the lost carbs. Always consult your doctor when undergoing any restrictive diet. It can be a bit dangerous, especially for people with pre-existing medical conditions.

Add Fiber

Swap out one meal each day with a high-fiber cereal. Choose brands that specifically mark dietary fiber and are FDA approved. Dietary fibers contain non-digestible carbohydrates that give you a feeling of fullness without adding to your total caloric intake. This is ideal for those who want to eliminate their beer belly or reduce stored fat in certain areas of the body.

Eat like the Japanese

If you’re going out with friends or you want a break from counting calories — let the Japanese concept of “Hara Hachi Bu” guide your dining practices. The concept teaches you to eat slowly and stop once you feel yourself to be 80 percent full. It is quite easy to follow and hundreds of Japanese centenarians can attest to its benefits.

Choosing to lose weight is an important decision that affects both your health and your quality of life. It takes a little bit of research, a little bit of planning, and a lot of discipline and determination to lose that weight and be healthier in the process.

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