Month: March 2021

meditation concept

How to Cope with Stress during the Pandemic

Mar 19, 20214 min read

People around the country experienced stress after the pandemic started last year. The stress came after authorities implemented lockdowns to prevent the spread of the virus. Even as people had…

ski board

Five Iconic Winter Sports Athletes of All Time

Mar 19, 20214 min read

Unlike other sports such as basketball and baseball, winter sports aren’t as popular with adults and children. Unless they live in snowy areas, children can’t regularly participate in activities such…


What Communities Should Do Before Providing COVID-19 Vaccines

Mar 19, 20214 min read

Authorization of COVID-19 vaccines has started, so different local governments and groups look into providing it for their own communities. When doing this, it is best to prepare the people…

brown horses

Why Taking Care of Horses Is Good for Your Health

Mar 18, 20215 min read

Throughout time, horses were used for work and labor. They have always been a symbol of hard work. But as industrialization gripped the world, horses found themselves unable to compete…

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