The Great Things About Rooftop Bars

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The weekend is just around the corner, and you are pondering about what to do to end a week of stressful work. You want to have a long chat with friends, maybe party, and see new faces. A weekend slumber party? You also think of getting a little bit wet. Hmm, a beach getaway? But you want it sooner. Why not try a rooftop bar?

A rooftop bar in Singapore is heaven with all the superlatives. Yes, the music, dancing, and scenes are just on point—just fit for a great ending to your overloaded weekdays. There is so much to see and do when at a rooftop bar. The sounds of fun and laughter glide with the beat of the approaching night. But simply looking around for a drink or gazing at the sunset can already be a great time to remember.


The Singaporean skyline is breathtaking. With modern skyscrapers jutting out from the island like crystals, you can only be fascinated. The vast expanse of the turquoise sea surrounds the neatly designed metropolis on all corners. At a rooftop bar, glance over the thinning crowd of passersby, rushing for a long weekend rest. Be mesmerised by the setting sun as it sprinkles its last light for the day. Hear how the city’s noise becomes slowly engulfed by the sounds of the beating night.


The fading Singapore day soon makes room for a shimmering night. The sun is now replaced by a spectacle of lights. You can still see people rushing for work. The night owls have re-emerged. And you—you are about to close your week with a bang. Party lights begin to dance with the dazzling city lights. You see more people joining in the fun. The bar is now your special space as you marvel at the changing colour of night—whimsical, lively, and in tune with the beats.

Food and Drinks

Healthy lunch buffetA rooftop bar party is never complete without an assortment of food and drinks. Cocktail and food menus are expected to match the rhythm and flow of the night. There can be beer, wine, margarita, or martini to suit everyone’s taste buds. The food must be as engaging as the endless chatter of friends and new acquaintances. Expect unique food made up of Southeast Asian flavour mixed with local and international tastes.


Filled with a concoction of lovely scenery around you and from afar, the delightful atmosphere is sure one to cherish and the bar a place to always come back, too. Assuming you will remember every bit of the night, a rooftop bar experience can fit right into the treasure trove of your fondest memories. With just one click, you can capture and share picture-perfect views, along with the colourful smiles and the wild of the night.

The good things about rooftop bars are often those that are seen and remembered. Rooftop bars offer the intimacy of space that is hard to come by in a regular bar. The open-air feature is literally refreshing in all sense of the word. It makes anyone enjoy the outdoors but still party or chat with people the usual way.

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