Pets Help Us Cope with the COVID-19 Pandemic, Studies Show

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Did you know that having furry members of the family does more than meets the eye? Some studies show that pets have helped many individuals and families cope with pandemic situations.

In fact, there has been a surge in pet purchases and adoptions during the COVID-19 crisis. People have sought companionship from animals to tackle their home isolation, address their feelings of loneliness, and reduce their stress and anxiety. It appears that having pet interactions can be beneficial to our physical and mental health.

But on the other side of the spectrum, it’s imperative to take care of our pets as well. These furry members can be particularly vulnerable during the pandemic. If left unattended, they can also get infected with the novel coronavirus and compromise their overall well-being.

How Pets Help Us Cope with the Pandemic

Pets are deemed beneficial for our health, whether physical or mental. Our interactions with them help foster our overall well-being. Here’s how they help us cope with the pandemic:

  • They reduce our stress, anxiety, and depression: Lockdowns, quarantines, and home isolation can take a toll on our mental health. These pandemic protocols can lead to stress and psychological distress as well as escalate to anxiety and depression. With dogs or cats around, they can somehow reduce our stress and psychological distress. Just playing with them makes us feel better emotionally and psychologically.
  • They provide comfort and emotional support: Pets can be a source of comfort and support, especially during this pandemic. Dogs and cats are particularly good at these, as they typically provide attention and compassion. In fact, they are very present, especially if they sense a stressed or anxious family member. They’ll sit around you and offer the utmost comfort.
  • They make us busy and preoccupied: There are some reasons to have animals during the pandemic. As we’re stuck at home, it’s best to have pets to take good care of. You can bathe, groom, feed, and play with them every day. Ultimately, doing so makes you busy and preoccupied, which is better than sulking at home.
  • They keep us company and ease loneliness: Some people deliberately bought or adopted pets during this pandemic. As they live alone, it’s best to have dogs or cats around to keep them company. Not only will these furry family members provide companionship, but they will also ease your loneliness.
  • They encourage physical activities: The pandemic has brought many individuals and families to a standstill. As we’re stuck at home, we’ll most likely get hooked on the internet. For this reason, we become physically dormant with our sedentary lifestyle. Having pets around provides us with some physical activities. You can play with your dogs and walk them around your house.

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How to Take Care of Your Pets

Now that we know the benefits of having pets at home, we are also responsible for their welfare as pet owners. Here’s how to take care of your pets:

  • Regulate pet interactions: It’s best to have health and safety measures in place when interacting with pets. If you’re sick, be sure to limit your interactions with them. If you’re COVID-19 positive, do not interact with them at all. Other protocols include keeping your animals indoors and maintaining social distance when walking them outdoors.
  • Foster proper pet hygiene: It’s imperative to ensure the pets’ hygiene and their shelter’s cleanliness. First, be sure to give your pets a bath or clean them up regularly. Also, have a home service for pet grooming whenever necessary. Lastly, take ample time to disinfect your pets’ shelter.
  • Provide pets with a healthy diet: Proper nourishment applies to pets as a way to keep them healthy and strong. It’s best to invest in pet foods exclusively designed for their bodies. Make sure not to overfeed or underfeed these furry members of your family.
  • Improve pet-human relationships: Now is the best time to improve pet-human relationships. As you have the time in the world during this pandemic, spend quality time with your pets. Also, be sure to have them trained by professionals. But if your pets are a bit aggressive, consider having a cat or dog behavior modification.

Pets are considered furry members of the family. They prove to be beneficial in a handful of ways, especially during the pandemic. As such, we must not take them for granted. Be sure to consider the pet care tips recommended above. In the end, take good care of our pets as they take good care of us amid the pandemic.

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