Early Signs of Type 2 Diabetes

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Glucose is a simple sugar that serves as fuel for the cells. While they have enough glucose in the bloodstream, persons with diabetes have a problem utilizing the glucose in the cells. That said, they feel hungry sooner than later despite eating enough.

Receiving a Diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes

An experienced family doctor in West Jordan and other areas may give a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes if the symptoms are consistent and the tests confirm it. Doctors report that most of the people they diagnose with Type 2 diabetes have already been harboring the disease for about five years.

The early signs may not be noticeable and most people are unaware that the changes in their habits are already symptoms of diabetes. Taken together, the following signs suggest diabetes at an early age. Which signs have you been exhibiting lately?

Impaired Blood Circulation

The simplest and earliest indication of impaired circulation is the delayed healing of a superficial cut. When a typical wound is taking a few months to heal, it is an indication that the blood circulation is impaired. Consistently high levels of glucose in the bloodstream could damage the blood vessel lining. If you have a wound that does not heal, it is at risk for infection. For these reasons, you should see a doctor and ask for a professional opinion on the matter.

Yeast infection

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Chronic yeast infection is a problem in itself, but it can be a sign of diabetes as well. Sugar is food for yeasts, which multiplies in excess in the body and causes infections. The moist and warm areas of the skin are most prone to harbouring yeast. Armpits and genitals are most commonly affected. When these areas are infected, they become itchy. Other people experience a burning sensation. The area may be red and sore as well if the infection worsens.

Problems in Vision

Damage to blood vessels in the eyes can lead to blurry vision. One or both eyes may be affected and it could lead to severe problems, including permanent blindness. Blurriness due to diabetes comes and goes. When the lens of the eyes is damaged due to high blood sugar, the vision problem worsens even more. People who already have eye problems will experience more symptoms if they have diabetes. You need to see an optometrist immediately to change the prescription of your eyeglasses.

Type 2 vs. Type 1 Diabetes

In Type 2 diabetes, the blood sugar levels are too high, which affects the sensitivity of the cells to insulin. It is characterized by insulin resistance. Type 2 diabetes may be diagnosed in adults. In Type 1 diabetes, the problem is insufficient production of insulin by the pancreas. There is not enough insulin to allow the cells to utilize glucose. The symptoms are quite similar, but Type 1 diabetes is diagnosed much earlier, usually in childhood.

When you feel any of the symptoms enumerated above, you must pay attention. Your body is showing you signs that there could be something wrong. If you have the symptoms and experience extreme thirst and frequent urination as well, it’s time to see your doctor for a consultation.

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