Celebrate a New Life: Regain Your Pre-Pregnancy Figure with a Mommy Makeover

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Women who have made up their minds to undergo mommy makeovers should know a thing or two about abdominoplasty, which has grown popular in the States, like in Salt Lake City and Los Angeles, among other places. The procedure makes the abdomen look better, and is popularly known as a tummy tuck. A flatter mid-section may be difficult to achieve after giving birth, but that impression has already been proven wrong time and time again.

A Routine Procedure That Will Give You a New Lease on Life

Excessive fat and skin, along with loose abdominal muscles, come off as a bulbous mid-section. It’s not surprising that women who have given birth find themselves looking at the layers of excess tissue at their midsection. If you are currently dealing with this kind of situation, then how about being open to the suggestion of a board-certified plastic surgeon?

Of course, it will depend on one’s overall health, body type, and treatment goal. But for starters, there are various advantages to be gained from a classic tummy tuck, an extended tummy tuck, or a mini tummy tuck – especially if one has exhausted the many alternatives to losing the unwanted skin. It depends on the procedure, but the doctor makes an incision in the lower abdomen and then removes unwanted tissue. Abdominal muscle tightening is usually part of the procedure as well. A mini tummy tuck may be suitable to your needs, but the classic procedure typically addresses the basic needs. An extended procedure will address other problem areas such as the hips.

Pre-Surgical Consultation

woman at the doctorAn interview with the surgeon will likely involve looking into one’s medical history to determine the possibility of associated risks. In addition, the doctor will explain the procedure in detail and expected outcomes to set expectations. Like other surgical procedures, a tummy tuck has innate risks. Nevertheless, it is a safe procedure, which thousands of other mommies have already undergone.

The doctor will set your schedule for plastic surgery and give you advice on the necessary preparation. A healthy diet is paramount, and you’ll be ask to refrain from certain activities that may influence the outcome. For instance, tummy tuck candidates would have to quit nicotine intake for at least three months, and continue doing so during the recovery phase. Tummy tuck patients would also have to avoid certain medications, particularly drugs that may cause post-operative complications. Refraining from taking weight loss medications will be suggested by the doctor as well.

Musts for Recovery

Surgical scars may or may not heal adequately, and that is why you must do your part in taking care of yours. After a tummy tuck, you’d be allowed to move around, but you won’t be allowed to exert much effort. Lifting heavy objects is to be avoided at all costs. And apart from the after-care or wound instructions, the doctor will ask you to keep the wound protected from the sun, and to stay away from nicotine and alcohol. To heal adequately, a tummy tuck patient will have to continue with the healthy diet that they had started prior to surgery. One must not be tempted to eat processed and junk food – even if it may seem comforting to do so.

An experienced plastic surgeon will always be the best choice, as opposed to those who have barely any experience. Modern surgical techniques also exist, which allows for minimal tissue trauma, and faster recovery. These are just the most basic of things relevant to someone thinking about getting an abdominoplasty. Are you one of these mommies? If you are, a tummy tuck surgery can truly make you feel happy if it’s too taxing to lose the excess flesh.

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