4 Best Places to Visit for Your Spiritual Retreat

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Have you been longing to refresh your mind and renew your soul to get a better perspective towards life? If yes, then going on a spiritual retreat must have crossed your mind for quite a few times now. Usually, it’s somewhere far off where you can truly reflect and enjoy a much deeper connection to your own spirituality.

For that, you’re probably sorting through your possible destination options to make this trip happen. Luckily, there are tons of places that you can go to in order to help refresh your body, mind, and soul. In case you are looking for some suggestions, a travel agency that specializes in planning an LDS trip provides a list of places to enrich your spirituality. Below are some of them.

Israel (The Holy Land)

Aside from its colorful culture, Israel is known to be the cradle of Christian beliefs. You’ll find places, landmarks, and ruins that offer deeper meaning than what most people see. Most of these can only be interpreted when you get to experience and explore the sights by yourself. Contrary to the country’s chaotic political situation, Jerusalem holds a strong appeal to many visitors which gives them a strong sense of spirituality. There is definitely special about the Holy Land, and visiting it is a must to get in touch with your spiritual side.

Peru (Machu Picchu and Sacred Valley)

Prior to becoming a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Machu Picchu was once a rich and thriving Incan citadel lying high above the Andes Mountain. With its rich history, it’s no wonder why people often find a sense of tranquility during immersion trips on the site. The ruins, along with the nearby Sacred Valley, are believed to offer healing tours that often include meditation and workshop lessons from traditional Peruvian shamans themselves.

India (Rishikesh)

Apart from being a holy city, Rishikesh is also famous as one of the world’s largest yoga capitals. The city itself offers spiritual retreats providing those who are at a loss and are in need of peace of mind or meditation. During your visit, you’ll be immersed in various activities that teach you the true value of relaxation and living free from worries. Along with spiritual activities, the city offers hiking trails, wildlife, and an opportunity to experience life at a temple.

Japan (Shikoku)

temple near a lakeShikoku is Japan’s own version of the Holy Land. Following the Shikoku Henro, a 1,200-kilometer pilgrimage route around the island, you’ll get to visit a total of 88 holy places. Most of the temples that you’ll find along the way are where most monks and religious leaders are trained. Throughout your visit, you’ll marvel at how the residents offer help to the pilgrims by giving food and drinks.

The serene and calm landscapes of the islands allow you to get connected with nature. Many people who visited Shikoku said that the experience that they had taken off their stress and worries.

These are just some of the destinations that you may consider when going on a spiritual trip. The places on this list are not only pleasing to the eye but also invigorating for your mind and soul. Hence, the next time you want to go on a meaningful vacation, regardless of what your reasons are for the trip, be sure that you include these sights on your list.

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