Month: October 2021


Discovering Healthy Outdoor Fun: What Can You Do?

Oct 22, 20214 min read

Only a few things in the world can give you the same level of happiness that nature could provide. Your overall health and wellness are affected by your surroundings. Being…

enjoying time with dog

Fitness Buddies: A Healthy Lifestyle for You and Your Dog

Oct 19, 20214 min read

A healthy lifestyle is vital for humans and their dogs; they have to stay active to keep the body working. If you have a dog, you no longer have to…

woman cuddling with pet dog

Pets Help Us Cope with the COVID-19 Pandemic, Studies Show

Oct 18, 20214 min read

Did you know that having furry members of the family does more than meets the eye? Some studies show that pets have helped many individuals and families cope with pandemic situations.…


Seeking Wellness Today: A Proper Access to Healthcare

Oct 18, 20215 min read

Without a doubt, prioritizing community health results in stronger communities and relationships. With difficulty foreseeing the end of the pandemic, people have been struggling with accessing pandemic healthcare services due…

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