Month: February 2019

Battle of the Blenders

Battle of the Blenders: Best Blender Reviews 2019

Feb 26, 201934 min read

Like any health-conscious person, I’ve admittedly tried several diet and weight loss fads in the past. From the sauna belt, to the paleo diet, to the seaweed slimming soap, I’ve…

Family gathering in the backyard

Backyard Games That Make for an Exciting Family Gathering

Feb 25, 20193 min read

Having a party or a gathering for the family over for the weekend means that the host needs to prepare food, fun, and entertainment for everyone. There are numerous games…

man training

Follow These Suggestions to Become a Great Athlete

Feb 20, 20193 min read

Becoming a great athlete goes beyond being amazing at a particular sport. You need to prepare both your attitude and mind if you want to be the best that you…

woman on the mountains raising hands

Here’s Why the Best Way to Chill Is Living in Baguio

Feb 19, 20193 min read

Baguio City is famous for its chilly weather, which lasts year round. The climate is something that keeps non-locals coming back to the city. Nestled in the mountains of the…

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