Backyard Games That Make for an Exciting Family Gathering

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Having a party or a gathering for the family over for the weekend means that the host needs to prepare food, fun, and entertainment for everyone. There are numerous games and activities that can be initiated outdoors.

Some of the most popular ones are dodge ball, horseshoe throw, volleyball, can kicking and of course the king of all outdoor games — the cornhole. This makes one realize that there is a need to look for new cornhole sets from shops or for sale online to prepare for the event.

Other activities that can be prepared are these exciting games for kids and adults.

The Blanket Volleyball

This simple game is a great starter to warm up shy players and open them up with their teammates. It requires a bit of strategy to succeed. Hosts only need a net — volleyball or badminton net to hit the ball over, a beach large beach ball and two large blanket or sheets.

There are two teams required for this game. Each team will have a blanket which all team members will hold open to receive and set off the ball over the net. The objective of the game is to serve and push the ball over the net and onto the other team where they cannot catch it on their blanket.

If the ball falls to the ground, then the score goes to the team who served it. This game can be truly exhilarating and fun to play.

Kick the Can

This is a popular game for kids everywhere. There are variations to this game, but the simplest form can be played using a single can and a group of kids willing to have some clean fun. The game should start with an “It” — a person or team to man the can.

They need to stand by this and call out a predetermined number as everybody else hides. The team needs to find everyone hiring and tag them out before they can sneak and kick the can.

The objective of the game is for one member of the team to be able to hide well and sneak out to kick the can. The first team to accomplish this is the winner.

Cornhole Game

Cornhole board with bags

This is the most popular outdoor party game at the moment, and there is hardly any kid who doesn’t know how to play this. It is made for groups to play in a wide and spacious yard. The game is popular in schools, parties, fundraising events, and others.

A Cornhole tournament is a great idea to level up the fun during family gatherings. Cornhole is also known as corn toss or bean bag toss. It is a game for groups of all ages and skill ranges. The rules are fairly easy, but it can be difficult to master.

There are sets made for new players and amateurs where they can practice and develop their cornhole skills. Newbies can compete heatedly with winning ringers, and the odds are still hard to say. Cornhole sets are also being developed for more serious tournaments, and some has been crafted with a highly competitive design.

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