What You Need to Know About Estate Fencing

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In the post-apocalyptic world of the hit show The Walking Dead, zombies or “walkers” were able to breach through a chain-link storm fence, effectively rendering it useless. The ensuing chaos showed two of the main characters trying to fight back, but they never seem to make any headway—the walkers just kept on coming.

Of course, that is a fictional world. In real life, you would never need to install a fence in your estate to protect yourself from hordes of hungry undead because zombies are not real. What’s real, though, is the need to install a fence and a gate for your estate.

Estate Fencing

Estate fencing has its roots in the Victorian era in Britain. It was the most common fencing style adopted for country estates, which often meant hundreds of hectares of land. The fence needs to be strong enough to contain cattle, but it also needed to be unobtrusive to preserve the visual appeal of the estate. What they used was steel—strong yet thin enough that it won’t block the visual line into the estate.

The beauty of this is the ability of the producer to suggest the specifications and make your fencing bespoke. What they’ll do is go to your property, assess your needs, and suggest how to improve your vision of the fence you wanted.

Estate Gate

Wooden Fence

It’s important that your estate gate complements the estate fence. The design element would come from the client, but a reputable estate fencing company would make a valid suggestion to build on the existing design in your head. Some designs are straightforward, nothing too fancy; some are arched up or down, while other people have specific ideas in mind.

Steel as fence material

Since one of your objectives is to prevent wildlife from wandering into your estate, it must be able to withstand impact, and nothing does that better than steel. Here are three characteristics of steel that make it an ideal estate fence material:

Durable. Steel is exceptionally strong. It is composed of an alloy of iron with carbon content. Steel is used in a host of industries, including construction, manufacturing, automotive, and transportation. As a fencing material, steel needed to be welded in order to improve its strength. To ensure that it will last a long time, it only needed to be coated with a protective finishing material.

Stylish. Since it is steel, it automatically gives off a timeless and elegant appeal. Both your estate fence and the gate can be custom made—your whole fence could end up a topic of conversation.

Cost. Anything that is made properly is worth the price tag. So, tell yourself that it’s an investment. In the long run, what you’ve paid extra for at the onset will be money well spent. Think of all the time you don’t need to do maintenance chore on your fencing.

While there is a lot of materials to choose from for your estate fence and gate, steel is one of the most preferred options for many homeowners these days.

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