Things to Remember While Riding a Motorcycle

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Many people have taken to biking recently. You will find people selling their cars to buy the latest technologically-advanced motorcycles. However, it comes with several challenges. One wrong move can lead you to destruction. So, you can call it dangerous as well. You can find your escape route amidst heavy traffic if you are alert. Besides keeping you safe, that also saves you more time while commuting. Similarly, there are several things you have to keep a few things in mind while riding motorcycles.

Learn about the basics from a riding school. However, no one can teach you alertness and common sense on the streets. Most bikers have also taken to competitive riding today. You will find bikes racing on holidays and treasure hunts. Long-distance riding has also become popular today. These events keep up the winning streak in participants during the vacations. You have to make safety a habit to make all such journeys enviable. Here we have listed a few things to keep in mind while riding motorcycles.

motorcycle on the road

Stay Focused and Attentive

You have to be very attentive while riding a bike. It is easy for other bikers to suddenly come in your way and push you against a fence or a car. Both ways, it can cause injury and even fatalities. Moreover, if you are riding at one speed, it is also not possible for you to change the speed or brake all of a sudden. Think and act quickly to get used to riding with the winds.

Make it a habit of keeping an eye on the rear-view mirror. It is an aid for all bikers. Additionally, you should not change lanes too often. Apart from the above, you should also keep an eye on debris on the road. Sand can make you skid, while nails can puncture the tires. Both ways, it can be damaging for you and your vehicle. Other than that, you ought to keep a watch for kite strings, especially in the kite flying season.

Maintain Safe Speed

The situation gets tricky when roads are empty. You might feel tempted to speed up. But, the chances of a fatality can be even more. And, you could not have imagined that. If you cross speed limits, you can be reprimanded by the law. There are various signals on the highway, similar to ones used for stalker radar guns. You can get tracked. And, the police at the next checkpoint can fine you.

There is another downside to getting fined. Your insurance rate goes up the next time you renew it. So, it is good to stay within 100 km/h. Anything above that raises risks. So, if you want to keep it competitive and happy with your mates, try to drive within the limit. You will also save money on fines, which can be exorbitant after numerous tickets by the police officers.

Carry Your Gears

You need to carry a few gears and accessories along with you on your bike trips. The most basic ones include helmets, gloves, elbow and knee protectors. Body armor based jackets are also a good addition, as they can save you from severe injuries if you skid or are hit by another vehicle. Another valuable addition to this pack of boots. Biking or riding boots are necessary for professional bikers who venture out on long routes. Generally, they are made from leather and have excellent friction quality.

You should also carry a toolkit along with you. When you get access to a repair workshop on lonely highways that lead to beautiful and scenic spots, you never know. A simple one should include a spanner, a leatherman, and a torch. If you plan to be away for months, get a complex one. It will come in handy on the trip. A hydration pack is also a must on the move so that you do not have to stop on bust roads or rugged and secluded places to drink. You should also have a first aid kit with you.

Pay Attention to Crossings

Most accidents occur at intersections. It is at these places where vehicles change the lanes as well. So, if you are riding, you have to be more alert when moving through crossings. Honk if you feel the need for it. Additionally, you should slow down a bit at such points on the road. There are traffic signals at such junctures, so follow the signals without compromising. You can reach your destination a bit late. Safety is the utmost priority.

Be Visible

This is more important than you thought it was. You cannot assume that every other car or biker can see you. There may be fog, and visibility may also be low at higher altitudes. Drive with headlights on even during the daytime. Additionally, you should wear reflective clothing or radium-lined ones when conditions are bad. You can also use hand signals if there is a need.

These are a few things that you need to keep in mind while riding motorcycles. We hope that this helps you on your next trip. If you do not have something, buy it or borrow it, but do not forget it.

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