Take Your Taste Buds on a Trip: A Guide to Alpen Cuisine

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Switzerland has acquired various food styles from its neighboring countries. Without losing its unique Swiss touch on food, the country has taken on culinary characteristics of neighboring cultures, as well.

The French, German, and Italian speaking regions have a lot of influence on Swiss cuisine. Experts at Alpenwild say that Switzerland is a foodie haven. It is about more than just the taste – it’s the experience of cheese, chocolates, and excellent cuisine surrounded by the beauty of the Alps.

French-Inspired Cuisine

From recipes as simple as a fondue platter to dishes with an exciting and unexpected, palate-pleasing twist like meringue with Gruyere, the sophisticated flavors of France are evident in Swiss cuisine. At the heart of it, of course, is fabulous fromage. Cheese plays a big role and is one of the most popular ingredients in Switzerland. There are about 450 kinds of cheeses in Switzerland and many of the country’s more popular dishes contain cheese.

Two well-loved cheese dishes are Raclette and fondue. Raclette cheese is melted, scraped over potatoes, and is often served with pickled fruit on the side. It is made of Alpine cow milk and is indigenous to the French-speaking region in Switzerland. Fondue involves dipping bread, fruit or meats in melted cheese in a communal pot. In the 1930s, fondue was declared as the national Swiss dish by the Swiss Cheese Union. It is simple yet timeless, and is frequently served at dinner parties and casual gatherings.

German-Inspired Cuisine

Sausage and mashed potato

In the German-speaking region of Switzerland,  tastes are as exquisite as the snow-capped mountains and gorgeous natural scenery. Sausages, cheeses, and savory dishes are all standouts but what really takes the cake is the variety of pastries and sweets the region has to offer.

Indulge in meringues and strudels after a hearty meal as you enjoy the unforgettable view of the Swiss Alps. Participate in chocolate tours and taste Zurich’s finest chocolates. Finally, join a class or attend a workshop conducted by local delicacy experts and take home a wealth of knowledge – maybe even a recipe or two – from your visit.

Italian-Inspired Cuisine

The Italian influence on Swiss food is especially showcased at lively festivals. Fresh produce such as meats, cheeses, fruits, and artisanal pastries offered by vendors line the busy and music-filled streets. Italian food staples such as risotto, gelato, and fine wine will make you feel like you’re in Northern Italy right in the serene valleys of Ticino, Switzerland.

It’s one thing to taste the cuisine, but what makes it more remarkable is learning how to make actual Italian-inspired meals from locals. Food tours and workshops are common activities in the Italian-speaking region of Switzerland. The warmth and hospitality of the locals and their distinctive culinary traditions will keep you coming back for more of the food and the festive fun.

The opportunity to experience authentic, diverse culinary traditions in just one country makes for an incredible journey. Take your senses on a trip to the Swiss Alps for visually appetizing experiences that you will never forget.

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