Seven Compelling Reasons You Should Go Organic Right Now

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Eating healthy is something that is easier said than done for a lot of people. This is because changing one’s diet ranks high in the hierarchy of old habits that do not die down easily. However, with the growing risks and concern towards food that are produced using chemicals and even science, it’s worth taking a long pause to think about the wisdom behind eating healthy.

If you’re currently trying to contemplate the idea of going organic but are having second thoughts about it, maybe all you need is a little convincing, courtesy of some compelling arguments in favor of a healthy diet. Well, here are seven of the biggest reasons why going organic should not be a question of if, but when:

1. You have a higher chance of living longer.

Organic food does not contain chemical residue since growing it does not involve the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides that can negatively affect your health. This is a particularly important point to stress since the world’s oldest individuals could attest to the power of eating organic food in prolonging a person’s life. When you make the shift to eating healthy right now, you’ll have a higher chance of living up to old age — to the point that you’ll find yourself peacefully living out your twilight years in a hospice facility with fellow seniors.

2. Organic food tastes better.

Those who have a strict organic food diet would readily swear to the significantly better taste of it when compared with food that is produced commercially (meaning, treated with commercial pesticides and fertilizers). This taste disparity can be explained by the presence of a higher antioxidant level in organic food than in commercial food.

3. Organic food can help fight and prevent certain diseases.

As mentioned, organically-grown food has higher antioxidant content, which not only enhances its taste but also makes it a disease-buster. It’s common knowledge in the scientific and dietary/nutrition communities that antioxidants are excellent at preventing and fighting cognitive problems, heart ailments, and premature aging. Antioxidants are also known for their immune-boosting qualities, which is something that commercially-produced food sadly lacks.

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4. You’re doing the environment a great favor.

Organic farming is worlds away from commercial farming when it comes to how the food is grown. The most glaring difference is in terms of how commercial food products are treated with chemicals like pesticides while organically-grown products do not. Additionally, methods employed by organic farmers are known to be gentle to the earth as compared with the traditionally harmful commercial farming practices. Organic farming is, ultimately, safer for the environment as it helps conserve water, lowers pollution levels, and reduces soil erosion possibilities.

5. You’re also helping conserve limited fossil fuel supply.

In connection with being kind to the environment, organic farming also helps conserve fossil fuel, which is due to be exhausted any time in the future. A recent study showed that sustainable farming techniques (to which organic farming falls under) use as much as 53 percent less fossil fuel than commercial farming methods. While organic farming or livestock raising still uses fossil fuel in one way or another, the fact that the entire organic farming industry uses a significantly lower amount of fossil fuel is still a bright spot on the horizon.

6. Animals raised in an organic farm are healthier and tastier.

Just like their fruits and veggies counterparts, organically-raised farm animals like poultry, hog, and cow are reportedly better-tasting than their commercial-raised cousins. If you’re the type of consumer who values taste above all else, then you know which way to go. And, yes, organically-raised farm animals are also healthier since they do not pose health risks that are normally the case with commercially-grown livestock.

7. Meat and milk products from organically-raised animals are more nutrient-rich.

Aside from being healthier, the meat and milk products from farm animals raised organically are said to be more nutrient-rich than the ones produced by commercial farm animals. So much richer they are in terms of the nutrient content they carry that a 2016 European study revealed that some nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids found in organic farm animal meat and milk are 50 percent higher than those found in commercially-produced meat and milk products.

These compelling reasons make the shift from commercially grown food to organic food practically a no-brainer. Keep in mind just how important your health is and eating healthy food is one way of staying in the pink of health. Just make the shift now and enjoy the benefits of organic, healthy food soon.

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