No Noticeable Lumps? Six Other Signs of Breast Cancer

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The best way to treat breast cancer is early detection. However, there are cases when the patient does not have noticeable lumps. In cases like this, proper screening for breast cancer is essential to treat it in its earliest stage. Know the other signs of this illness aside from the appearance of prominent lumps in your breasts.

1. Changes to the Texture of the Skin

The development of breast cancer tends to cause inflammation in skin cells, which leads to changes in the skin’s texture. The changes can include scaly skin surrounding the patient’s areola and nipple. Skin thickening and itching in any part of the breast can also be a sign.

2. Nipple Secretion

A patient may also notice a thin or thick discharge coming from the nipple. Although it is normal for breastfeeding patients to produce a milky discharge, it is best to seek a doctor’s advice if it is either yellow, red or even green. Other potential reasons patients may encounter nipple discharge are breast infections, changes in the body’s physiology, and side effects of taking specific prescriptions.

3. Inversion of the Nipple

Another sign of breast cancer is nipple retraction. Since the mutated cells that cause breast cancer spread out behind the nipple, it can cause it to turn inward. It can also cause changes in its appearance and size. Although a patient’s nipples’ appearance often changes during ovulation, it is best to see a doctor if you notice any recent changes with your nipples.

4. Discoloration

Woman clutching her breastAnother symptom that you need to watch out for is redness on the breast. The skin can appear red or purple, giving it an appearance of discoloration or bruising. If you have not had any trauma directed to the breast, then they you should go ahead and see a doctor. The doctor will ask you to undergo radiology tests in Provo to determine the source of the problem. It is also advisable to seek medical help if the discoloration does not change even if trauma caused it.

5. Swelling

Breast cancer can also cause an area or even the entire breast to swell. Although there is not any visible lump, the patient may notice a noticeable difference in size between the two breasts. Although it is entirely possible for breasts to have a slight difference in size, any visible swelling can cause a change from the usual size of your breasts.

6. Skin Dimpling

Dimpling in the skin can also be a symptom of an aggressive kind of breast cancer. Cancer cells can induce a buildup of lymph fluid in the breast, leading to skin dimpling. Speak with a doctor if you notice any changes in the skin around your nipples.

While several health conditions can cause various changes in your body, you should not rule out breast cancer as one of the possible causes. See a doctor immediately especially if you feel pain or discomfort in your breasts. Do not ignore any sign or symptom. Seek medical help to evaluate your situation and help determine the root cause of your problem.

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