Feeling Better: Why You Should Give Yourself Kindness

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You are not your darkest days, and the fact that you can still seek to better yourself and want to improve your health is a sign that you are much stronger than you feel right now. Taking heart this attempt to do better proves that you have what it takes to give yourself a boost towards a healthier and happier life.

Think about the things you enjoy and give yourself a weekend to indulge. A facial salt treatment and a manicure can feel decadent during such a difficult time, but it will be a physical and undeniable reminder that you deserve nice things. Afterward, you can start on the hard work of adjusting your inner thoughts and feelings to avoid feeling so low ever again.

Trust Yourself

You got yourself where you are now, and you have the ability to take yourself further. Consider seeking counseling or group therapy to show yourself that what you are going through is normal and conquerable. Group therapy may help you a lot by showing you the faces of the people who share your worries. It will encourage you to open up and release your inner tension by sharing your feelings with people who understand where you are coming from.

Live Intentionally

Perhaps your unhappiness is from living a life that is different from what you truly want for yourself. Start reading books and watching videos about conflict resolution and standing up for yourself so that you can begin to prepare a game plan for how to change your life.

Often, people living a life that differs from their true goals do it to appease loved ones. This means that you need the proper tools to defend yourself against drama and the possibility of accepting that low to no contact is the right thing for your well-being. Repeat the mantra, “I owe myself the right to live life my way.”

Surround Yourself with Affirmations

Cover your surroundings with affirmations to help you begin transitioning your thoughts from negative thoughts to positive thoughts. Play positive and uplifting music and podcasts in your car every time you go out for a drive. Paste affirmations that appeal to you throughout your house, so you always look at a positive idea or statement. If you are religious, you can also add loving and supportive Bible phrases to your home to remind you that you are never alone, even in the dark times.

Start a Gratitude Journal
writing journal

Gratitude journals are a great way for people to realize that there is a lot more joy in their life than they may think. A mind that is in a dark place will find it difficult to see the small moments of joy. Writing them down when they happen can help you see that there is still a lot to be happy about.

Keep this journal in your phone on a writing app, or use a physical journal that you make a habit of writing in every night. It’s also a good idea to get a special pen and a very nicely bound book as a journal. This will make the ritual feel special and important and fix the idea in your mind that you deserve nice things.

Set Small Goals

Wanting to be wealthy or have the highest educational qualifications are big goals. Because they are big goals, they can feel difficult to achieve. This will sap your motivation, and you may find that procrastination sets in. This will drag you even further away from achieving them.

Break your goals down into small and achievable sizes. Take a class on financial literacy to help you view money the right way. Start a savings account and get a second job to give yourself an income you can afford to play around with to learn about stocks and to invest.

Begin taking online classes from free and reputable sources so you can begin re-entering the academic world. There are many places where you can get an internship to help you find out if a change in the profession is what you want. Some websites can teach you everything from a new language to programming. A few programming sites can set you up with small jobs paying jobs so you can experience a day in the life of a programmer.

Negative self-esteem makes us believe that we do not deserve to achieve our dreams and are not good enough for our goals. This is defeatist and must be eliminated if you are to live the life you should. Being alive is worthy of a happy and fulfilling life. You must become your biggest fan.

If you have spent your life feeling low and insecure, confidence can feel like arrogance. You may even find that some friends dislike your new attempts at avoiding self-deprecation and speaking well of your efforts. This is a good thing because it is a positive outcome. You need to leave behind the people feeding your negative thoughts; spend time with people who believe in you. Be kind and helpful to the people in your life who want to see you succeed.

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