5 Tricks to Stay Fit and Fab Throughout the Pandemic

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One thing that the COVID-19 pandemic made many people realize is just how critical a sound mind and body are in staying resilient to illnesses. The initial data out of the crisis showed that people with comorbidity are more vulnerable to experiencing adverse health effects when hit with the virus compared to people without pre-existing conditions.

Older adults, specifically those aged over 65, were found to be 80 percent at a higher risk of dying from COVID-19, while people aged over 45 were 95 percent more likely to succumb to the virus.

These figures undoubtedly stress the need for people to be more cautious about their health and to take the necessary steps to maintain a robust body and mind as the pandemic rages on. It’s also vital to sustaining great self-esteem by making oneself look attractive, which leads to an excellent mental health condition. With the mind and body both in a perfect state, battling COVID-19 and other illnesses becomes much easier for any individual.

Be sure to heed these five simple tricks to stay fit and fab during the pandemic:

Maintain an excellent posture

Your posture is key in people’s perception of you, as well as your self-confidence and health. Without a great posture, you can’t expect a favorable impression from people, which can affect your self-esteem and pose problems in your mobility.

If you have scoliosis, for example, you won’t only look unattractive with your curved spine, but you’ll also find difficulty breathing and doing physical activities such as lifting, walking, and jogging. If so, you need to find a reliable clinic that offers reliable scoliosis treatment for adults to address the problem. Many of these clinics offer unique exercise regimens to help correct spinal problems typical of scoliosis, so the affected individuals will regain their great posture and live life normally again.

Catch plenty of Zs each day

Humans need to have enough sleep each day to help the body regenerate and get refreshed for the new day ahead. It’s also important to help avoid physical and mental health problems associated with lack of sleep such as sluggishness, loss of focus, hormonal imbalance, and hypertension.

This is why you must have at least eight hours of uninterrupted sleep every night, which would ensure that you’ll wake up feeling all pumped up for the day’s challenges. Getting restful sleep each day is also a proven way to keep your skin looking fresh, so it’s another way to enhance your self-esteem. Most importantly, enough sleep helps strengthen your immune system and gives you a degree of protection against COVID-19 risks.

Keep your muscles and joints in motion

Exercising to maintain a strong body and healthy mind is yet another outstanding trick to remain in perfect shape throughout the pandemic. There are plenty of simple exercises that you can do with or without exercise equipment and machines, so there should be no excuse why you can’t work out those sleep muscles and idle joints.

You can jog in place, do a few push-ups, walk around your yard, or do a few laps around your neighborhood (following social distancing measures, of course). A few minutes of physical activities each day would go a long way in keeping your blood circulation going and your muscles active. Just identify routines that you can do regularly without putting yourself at risk of possible exposure to other individuals with COVID-19.


Do periodic self-care/pampering

Looking after yourself by pampering your body and mind from time to time shouldn’t be treated as a luxury but as a sensible way of self-care. As such, be sure to indulge yourself in some simple pampering and self-care activities such as massages, meditation, aromatherapy, and the like. Even the simple act of spending time in a quiet room doing nothing can be a great way to relieve stress and just get into a Zen vibe that can make you feel at peace.

Eat as healthily as possible

They say that you become what you eat: eat junk food and your body becomes a veritable trash can, while if you eat healthy food, your body will stay healthy as well. This is why another great way to make yourself healthy is to have as many leafy vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean meat as possible. You should also stay away from processed foods, and keep your sugar and salt intake in check. With healthy food, a fit body will come naturally when combined with regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

Maintaining great health and excellent physical appeal will be a breeze when you follow these five tricks down to the smallest details.

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