Struggling to Socialize? Find the Right Support System

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Just like the majority of creatures on Earth, humans thrive and do well in numbers. It has been this way since the Jurassic period, and it can still be well-observed today. People gather around and do things together, friends hang out, and families spend quality time together, and you might wonder why. The truth is, it feels good and natural to be around people.

When lockdowns come and go, COVID-19 rate surges come in waves, and the world is still trying to go back to normal. It can be hard to be with your companions—your family and friends. It is not anyone’s fault; it is better to be safe than put anyone at risk, but that is one reason the pandemic has been rough for everyone. Humans are social creatures, not built for isolation.

You might be missing going to concerts or seeing movies. You might look forward to enjoying holidays such as Halloween with attractions like the scary haunted hayride. However, if you have been feeling cut-off from the world lately and away from your tribe, here’s an article that would offer tips in making you feel good enough to socialize again.

Start Exercising Again

There are many reasons why a person feels down, isolated, and lethargic. Still, scientifically, there are not enough endorphins (the happy hormone) to influence the mind into positivity.

You can produce endorphins by working out or even walking the next time you do your groceries. You might be feeling cut off from the world because of personal problems or work struggles. These problems might have triggered an unhealthy response that makes you resort to isolation, and you shouldn’t think that something is wrong immediately.

You only need to remember that you can ask for help and have a support system in your friends. Why not start jogging with your friends? You can even do yoga in the park, where it is open and safe if you are worried about the virus. Activities that you need to be around the people that support you and produce endorphins naturally. Remember, movement is better than no movement at all.

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Rest and Recharge

There are times that people do not feel answering phone calls and replying to messages, not until they get the energy to do so, and that is okay. It is called a social battery, and everyone has them. It is just that not everyone has the same amount of batteries. You do not have to feel pressured by the many Zoom parties you have missed. Remember, it is also not healthy to socialize if you do it for reasons other than you want to do it.

To get back to your cheerful self in front of your friends and families, you need to rest and recharge your batteries. For example, you have been stressed at work lately, and there’s a close family gathering this evening. You fear that your lack of sleep and stress levels would affect the way you would socialize later. So, step back. Apologize and tell them you had a long day and you need to rest. Doing so would allow you to make it up to the next time you are in a proper mood.

Keep in mind that your support system, your friends and families, are not people you can project your problems to. They are people, and it is your responsibility to be considerate as well.

Talk to Them

At the end of the day, talking solves almost everything. Following the previous point of being vocal about your boundaries, you should speak with your friends and families from time to time, especially when you are being hit by isolation hard.

Each person has a confidante; talk to yours. Understandably, not every one of your friends would genuinely comprehend what’s going on, but this person, and this can even be your mom, will understand. You would be surprised how much lighter you will feel afterward.

Yes, the problem might not have been solved, but talking about it allows you to breathe. When you vocalize your struggles, it is one step closer to acknowledgment and three steps away from denial. Talking about these things will even offer you comfort, wisdom, and a way out of isolation.

Having a support system nowadays without the usual activities we used to enjoy back in 2019 feels different, and it is easy to fall into isolation. However, families and friends are there to improve our lives, whether we like it or not. After all, humans are social creatures all wanting to belong with other people.

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