Elements of a Western-Themed Interior Décor

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The old west was characterized by themes such as a rustic cowboy hideaway, the western lodge style, the cabin in the hills, or a cattle ranch — all these styles aimed at capturing the charm and warmth of the western culture.

The western decoration majorly focuses on rock, leather, wood, and metallic materials. These characterize the richness of traditions and creativity using natural and locally available materials. As such, if you are an aspiring cowboy, scouring straw cowboy hats for sale is not enough. Instead, you also need to incorporate western-themed décor into your home, and understanding the elements of this theme is a good starting point.


Cowhide is a perfect starting point for an aspiring cowboy. You can go for a cowhide rug that is organically shaped, untrimmed or a piece that has artistic natural looking patterns spread across the rug. Other creative options may include cowhide upholstery, mirror frames, pillows, or ottomans. However, note that for cowhide to come out as classy as intended, it should only be used on one large item or a few small matched pieces. The idea here is to simulate the rugged range, not bringing the entire heard in your house.

Wildlife and Horse Art


Investing in new furniture can be expensive. If you are not ready, then the work of art is a more affordable way of spelling the western theme in your interiors. The best options should be an equine-themed art with a Native American rider, or any other western-themed animal art. Additionally, Windland landscapes, western wildlife, and traditional American artistry are also popular arts amongst cowboys. If you are a serious art collector, there will be plenty of pieces for you in major cowboy festivals or sales.

Iron and Metal Work

This theme pays homage to the blacksmiths of yesterday. Modern ironwork can anchor the design of your room to create a balance between the traditional western culture and modern-day interior décor. Unlike the bulky metal work of yesterday smiths, modern metal smiths only make items referred to as fine art with plenty of creativity. You can incorporate ironworks in your fire pit or firebox, as a lighting fixture, as a candle holder, or as a simple support table. The iron and metal work theme creates a perfect balance on the romantic floral, glam and glitter, as well as the softer fabrics in your house.

Navajo Textiles and Rugs

Woven Navajo rugs come in a wide variety, with the price range depending on the specific artisan and the authenticity of the particular piece. Ordinary Navajos are used on the walls and floors of a home, while the Native American Navajos are used on pillows, runners, table linens among other uses. Similar to the cowhide, Navajo textiles and rugs should be used minimally, preferable on single large items or multiple small items.

Western décor is much about spunk and spirit to harmonize desert beauty with the rustic but rugged cowboy charm.  To get affordable yet state of the art décor, lookout for western-themed cowboy sales to find the finest of rustic pieces.

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