Crafting Revisited: Picking Up on the Old Habit With New Tools on Hand

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A weekend of decluttering led to yet another weekend activity: arts and crafts. After organizing our tools and replenishing our supplies, we decided it’s time to put our well-stocked toolboxes and drawers to good use. We experimented with some of the materials and supplies we have on hand.

Water Coloring with Stampers

Having bought a lot of stazon inks previously, and with duplicates, too, we could pick a few dupes and explored other ways to use it. This is other than for stamping; we used it for water coloring, and the results were fantastic.

Since the ink doesn’t blot when water is applied to it, it was easy to paint stamped images and drawings. This is by using this technique and coloring material without ruining the outline of the image. To do this, make sure the lid of the ink case is completely closed.

Give it gentle squeeze to release some of its ink onto the back of the cover, which will be used as the coloring for this experiment. So we used one of our favorite stamps and colored inside it using a water brush and the ink that we squeezed out of the stamp pad.

The intensity of the paint can be controlled by the amount of water applied to it. Surprisingly, the ink was easy to work with, and the result was quite fantastic!

Designing Stationery Envelopes

Decided to put the packs of card stock to use and made two different sizes of envelopes using the envelope punch board. The good thing about using this tool is that the finished product looks as if a professional stationery maker actually did it. The edges are trimmed evenly, and the cuts are clean.

And because we loved our new water coloring technique, we decided to apply the same to our envelopes to give it a bit of color and unique design. For this crafting session, we used different ink colors to create a lively design.

We used the water pen for this one as well. It is easier to control the amount of water that is applied and to prevent excessive water from soaking the surface of the card.

Journal Decorating


One other thing we used to do was to write in journals. This time, other than simply writing entries about our day, we decided to infuse it with daily art and doodles, to make it more fun and different. There are plenty of ways to use a journal notebook and plenty of ways to decorate it, too.

And because of its size, it’s quite the portable art medium. You can take it anywhere, use it anywhere and any which way you wish. This makes it the perfect companion for traveling or simply as a catch-all for work and art ideas.

We’re thrilled to have discovered new ways to use our arts and crafts supplies. As well as find ways that allow us to let our creative juices flow and create something that makes us happy. Art is highly therapeutic, and best of all, it’s fun to do.

Have you done any crafting projects yourself lately? Perhaps it’s the perfect time to schedule a crafting project for a weekend spent beyond the ordinary routine.

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