Things to Consider When Giving Gifts

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Gift-giving has no boundaries, and people do not need an occasion to give something special to their loved ones. But there might be limitations in giving gifts in a business environment since some people see this as bribery.

There are also instances when people feel awkward when they receive something from a person they are not close to. To avoid these situations, it is important to know what they can do when it comes to gift-giving. Here are the things people should consider when they are planning to give gifts.

Exchanging Gifts is an Option

Some people think that whenever they give gifts, they should get something in return. But this is not always true, especially when it comes to gifts given in a business environment. In these cases, it is advisable to avoid doing it to prevent misconceptions unless the gift-giver knows the recipient personally. But they should tread lightly since people might misconstrue it as a bribe even if the gift-giver and recipient are friends.

When it comes to personal gift-giving, some people give gifts without expecting anything in return. These types of people consider gift-giving as a thoughtful gesture and something they want to do for others. In these cases, the recipient might send a thank-you note to the gift-giver expressing his gratitude for the gift.

During the holidays, people want to give a gift back to the person who gave a gift. But if they are short of funds, they give gifts of modest value with a note of gratitude for the gift the person gave them. They can also opt to give generic gifts, such as homemade cookies, scented candles, or scarves.

Gift-Giver Determines Value


When it comes to giving gifts, the gift-giver should determine the value of the gift he is giving. People normally give gifts of higher value to close family and friends. In these cases, the recipient might opt to give something of similar value. For instance, if they receive a gold zodiac necklace, they can also give something of similar value, such as a gold ring or bracelet.

On the other hand, if the budget is tight, close family and friends will understand if they do not receive anything of similar values as the gift they gave. They normally see gift-giving as a way to show their appreciation for the recipient.

There are even instances when people feel uncomfortable when they receive high-value gifts. In these instances, they even return the gift. But this depends on the relationship between the giver and the recipient. Simply looking at the value of the gift can cause the recipient to lose sight of the goal of the giver, who might want to show his gratitude for an act of kindness the recipient performed in the past.

Be Sensitive to Culture

Gift-giving varies from one culture to another. For instance, western cultures typically consider gift-giving a simple process, and the recipient accepts and expresses his gratitude for the gift. But for the Chinese, it is complicated and an expectation that the recipient will return the gesture and give a gift as well. Giving a gift in return for Asians is both an obligation and a sign of respect.

Additionally, there are some gifts that people should not give in some cultures. For instance, giving an umbrella as a gift to the Chinese means the giver wants to end their friendship. People should also avoid giving clocks as gifts to the Chinese due to the connotation of death.

In Japan, people should not give gifts in sets of four since the word for four in Japan has a similar pronunciation as the Japanese word for death. In South Korea, people should not open wrapped gifts in the presence of the giver. Gifts should also use brightly-colored wrappers and should avoid red or dark colors.

Give Gifts to the Intended Recipient

Even as some people think it is proper to give gifts to everyone in a group, this does not hold in all situations. People are supposed to give gifts to their intended recipients. For instance, people can give a gift to a person he eats lunch with but do not give everyone in the group a gift.

In these instances, the concept of being grateful for what a person did in the past comes in. The giver wants to express his gratitude for something the person did in the past. So, he should not be expected to have a gift for everyone in their group.

Giving gifts is a way for people to show their appreciation and gratitude to someone. While awkward moments happen, the main thing is to look at the act of the giver rather than the value of the gift he gave.

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