3 Start-up Expenses that Seem Trivial but Are Essential

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Wise start-up owners are careful with their money. After all, it can take a while to get a return on your investment. The firsts expenditures you make usually involve gadgets, office space, and marketing materials. All other things can wait, right?

Not if you want to be more efficient and motivated in your work. There are expenses in your list that seem trivial but are actually essential in the first few years of your start-up. They’re how you’ll raise morale, increase productivity, and ensure that people know your business exists.

Your Brand on Work Apparel

Your start-up might consist of only three to five people, but that’s no excuse to skip out on personalized workwear. Even a simple shirt with your logo, name, and website on it can do wonders in your employees’ work ethic. It also gives them an immediate sense of belonging, which is integral to creating a healthy work culture.

Personalized workwear also serves as a subtle means to market your goods and services. Try to recall how many times a well-designed company shirt caught your attention and made you look for a logo. People gravitate towards things that are pleasing to the eyes. The catchier it is, the greater the recall. There’s no telling when a potential client will strike up a conversation about your business simply because they think your uniform looks cool.

Your Corporate Team Outings

woman on vacation
woman on vacation

Vacations have never been more accessible and affordable. Make it a goal to set an annual corporate outing as a means to reward your team. There’s no need to wait until you’re a group of thirty before considering a company-paid vacation. Apart from it being cheaper when you’re few, it’s also easier to form a relationship with each of your staff. Remember that the first few members of your team will be the likely managers who will pass down the work ethic and culture you introduce.

As your company grows, these outings become a way for your staff to create stronger bonds. They might find a friend in people they don’t usually interact with because of their designation. In cases wherein the budget is tight, agree to a compromise instead. Dinner reservations and office parties are still effective avenues for bonding and establishing camaraderie.

Your Company-paid Seminars and Workshops

Your employees are more likely to stay with you if they know you value their growth. Paying for seminars and workshops that will polish the skills they need for their job never go unappreciated. Besides, it’s your company that will reap the rewards whenever their skills improve.

Paying for these activities needn’t be expensive, too. You can search for ones that speakers and other companies give for free. Take advantage of discounts on events facilitated by reputable speakers, and try to negotiate prices if you’re buying tickets for more than ten people. Employees who feel valued will value you and your company in return.

Investments Aren’t Trivial

It all depends on how you perceive and execute these expenses. Done right, the money you shell out could be an investment in the quality of work your employees execute for your company. It’s by keeping them refreshed and motivated that your start-up will stand out for all the right reasons.

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