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We believe in raising consciousness and thinking outside the box to manifest change for the better. We believe that through increased awareness and freedom of knowledge, we can work together to become enlightened on the reality that molds us.

By shaking up how we currently think about the world, we aim to challenge the current status quo and will always endeavor to inspire and encourage. Our goal is to bring to life a brighter, informed and more sustainable future for us all.

Organic, heart-felt and positive journalism is a large part of what we do. To inform is to educate.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, living sustainably and creating a spiritual relationship with oneself and nature are all things we encourage. We value balance not only in life, but in the physical world around us – past, present and future – this requires us to examine all aspects of what we call “reality.”


We report on the world of organic, alternative news, natural remedies and healing recipes, natural science, medical technology (for better or for worse) and an accessible, non-religious brand of spirituality.

Our team comprises of people just like you, people who are eager for the truth and approach life with an open mind and positive outlook. We want all information to be free and accessible, and ┬ájust like you, we want organic, meaningful change…and together we will achieve it.


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We are an open source initiative. If you enjoy our articles or learn something new, please don’t forget to share them with others so they have a chance to enjoy the free information. All articles are open source and free to reblog or use under a Creative Commons┬á4.0┬álicense with a direct link back to the original article URL. We believe all information should be free and available to everyone. Have a good day and we hope to see you again soon!