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About Us

The Organic Dream is your source for the latest news, accurate information, and interesting lifestyle, leisure, and wellness articles on the organic industry and the environment. The organic industry can be wholly misrepresented from both people who avidly support the orgnic lifestyle and people who support non-organic food. We’re here to set the record straight with facts. We also share thought-provoking articles, entertaining features, and editorials on anything organic or relating to the environment.

We seek to educate our readers and help them appreciate the benefits of living a healthy, organic lifestyle. Our contributing writers assist us by sharing how they live and what they know about organics.

Phoebe Reynolds

A 27-year-old nature photographer who loves to get lost in the forest documenting nature (which is why she never goes alone). She’s an advocate for the environment and preserving the environment for generations to benefit from its fruits and its beauty. Beyond the forests, she speaks out frequently against corporations with bad environmental practices for land, sea, and air. A pescatarian, she’s eaten all-organic fish, fruits, and vegetables for almost seven years. She plans to eventually give up meat altogether.

Jessica May Walker

Jessica May grew up in her father’s farm with her parents and three sisters. The four of them were sent to study agriculture to help make the farm more efficient without using any artificial pesticides, fertilizer, or any chemicals. She ended up becoming fascinated with the technology which could help organic farmers. While she enjoys farming the traditional way, she knows technology is the road to more productive organic farming. Her articles review the latest developments in farming and the environment.

Joey Bemont

Joey has been a lifestyle coach for over six years. While she’s helped people in other matters, she’s most proud of how she’s saved people’s lives by helping them lose weight by living a healthier lifestyle. Her clients have learned how to avoid their unhealthy cravings by opting for healthy, equally delicious food without high amounts of sugar and preservatives. Joey practices what she preaches and has never consumed sugar in almost a decade. She believes that organic food can be the key to helping more people achieve a healthier lifestyle.

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