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Why You Need to Switch to Organic Beauty Products Right Now

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The craze for sustainable beauty is on the rise. More people are choosing it over synthetic beauty since its beauty products use organic and non-toxic ingredients.

In the current situation, good health is extremely important. Thus, we need to make conscious decisions to keep our body healthy and safe. The most common things we’d do to stay healthy is to eat healthily, avoid harmful food and beverages, exercise, and get adequate rest. But wellness also includes the skincare and cosmetic products we use every day. That said, we need to make the conscious switch from synthetic to organic beauty products.

Why Choose Organic Beauty Products Over Synthetic Ones?

There are many reasons to use organic beauty products over synthetic ones. Several synthetic products use minerals like petroleum and aluminum that need to be mined, thus damaging land and endangering animals. ; Also, organic ingredients in skincare and cosmetics are naturally farmed products. They’re made from extracts of organically grown plants, reducing their potential risk on users. For example, some popular ingredients in organic skincare are coconut oil and tea tree oil. These oils make up some of the best acne cleansers and moisturizers. ; The word “chemicals” has a negative connotation, but not all chemicals are harmful. In fact, everything around us is made of chemicals. That includes cosmetics and skincare products. But the difference is that chemicals found in natural beauty products are organically farmed. Thus, they’re less harmful to users. Synthetic beauty products contain several harmful ones. Let’s look at some of the most common to show you why you need to choose organic beauty products instead.

1. Parabens

In cosmetic products, parabens take the following names in ingredients lists: ethylparaben, methylparaben, propylparaben, and butylparaben.

Parabens are preservatives used in skincare and makeup. They extend the shelf life of products by protecting them from bacteria and mold growth.

But frequent exposure to this chemical is harmful. One study found that some forms of parabens decrease fertility. Another study showed that, along with other cell receptors, parabens contribute to the rapid increase of breast cancer cells in the body.

2. Phthalates

Phthalates appear in ingredients lists as “fragrance” or “DBP.” They are human-made chemicals and are often used as softeners in hair products, skin products, and nail care. The chemical improves their flexibility and durability. For example, it’s one of the reasons why most nail polish doesn’t crack.

Phthalates can cause issues in the endocrine and reproductive systems. For instance, this substance has been linked to infertility and found to increase the risk of miscarriage. Thus, phthalates are especially harmful to pregnant women. In fact, this chemical is so dangerous that cosmetics use has been banned in the EU.

3. Triclosan

Another common harmful substance found in cosmetics and skincare is triclosan. Like parabens, triclosan is used as a preservative in skincare and wellness products, including makeup, soaps, and dental care, due to its antimicrobial properties.

But some studies have shown that this substance negatively impacts thyroid functions. It can also disrupt endocrine functions and damage the immune system.

4. Sulfates

Sulfates are found in many hair and dental products. This substance often appears as “SLS” or “SLES” in ingredients lists. Sulfates add viscosity to these products to make a nice lather during application.

This chemical is not linked to illnesses like other chemicals. But they are known to irritate eyes, skin, and scalp. They may also cause acne for those with sensitive skin.

5. Toluene

If you are a fan of nail care and are fond of using nail polish and treatments, you need to check the label if the products you have contain toluene.

Frequent exposure to this chemical from low to moderate levels may result in nausea, tiredness, weakness, memory loss, and loss of appetite. While only temporary, these effects can still disrupt your daily life. Also, if used dermally, toluene can also remove protective skin oils and cause skin irritation.

Fortunately, all these harmful substances have safer alternatives. For instance, instead of parabens, companies could use benzyl alcohol. It is extracted from plants and can help in keeping bacteria, and fungi out of beauty products. Or, instead of using phthalates, bio-based plasticizers made of corn or soy can be used instead. To stay healthy, we need to consider all aspects of our lives. We’re already conscious about the things we eat and the physical activities we engage in. But skincare also plays a huge role in our lives, so we also need to consider the products we use on our body. If you make the switch to organic skincare and beauty products now, your body will thank you later.

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