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Work Out Like a Superhero: 5 Celebrity Fitness Inspirations

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Many people have jumped on the healthy-living bandwagon and have been eating healthily and working out consistently to improve their health and physique. While a healthy diet, proper supplementation, sufficient rest, and regular exercise contribute to improving our overall health, we also need to get rid of bad habits like smoking, drinking, and drugs.

If you want to transform your body and look like those superheroes you only get to watch on the big screen or TV, you need to replace the bad habits with good ones. Get help with your smoking or drinking problem. If necessary, undergo drug addiction treatments like heroin detoxification. Clean living starts with decluttering. Once you’ve replaced those destructive habits, you’re well on your way to looking your superhero best.

Here are a few training routines to start working on your physique and be strong like your favorite onscreen hero.

Captain America

Actor: Chris Evans

Movies Appeared In: The Captain America Trilogy and the Avengers Quadrilogy

How he buffed up:

Chris Evans has always been in great shape ever since he donned the costume of Fantastic Four hothead Johnny Storm. However, he got really buffed up when he took on the role of Captain America. Evans is an ectomorph by nature, which means he has a slender frame and a higher metabolism rate compared to others. Preparing for the role of Cap, a.k.a. Steve Rogers, took him serious hours in the gym sans cardio and a significant increase in his food intake.

He hit the gym four to five days a week for three straight months and spent two hours working out two different muscle groups in each session.


Actor: Chris Pratt

Movies Appeared In: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 & 2, Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame

How he buffed up:

We were all caught by surprise when Chris Pratt showed up in promotional materials as Star-Lord. The usually-heavyset fellow we all loved from Parks and Recreation has transformed his body into the chiseled physique we saw on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1.

His secret to losing that much weight? Just some consistent ass-kicking hard work in the gym.

His trainer worked him hard for five months of four- to six-session work weeks and even added extra sessions on his own if he felt up to it. He focused on weight training but also did plenty of swimming, running, and boxing.


Actor: Chris Hemsworth

Movies Appeared In: The Thor Trilogy and the Avengers Quadrilogy

How he buffed up:

With the way Hemsworth is built now, one would never have thought he had never lifted before becoming an actor. Like his Avengers co-star Chris Evans, the actor had to pack on muscle fast before production for Thor started. And similar to Evans’ approach, the Mighty Cinematic Thor was forced to change his diet and increase his lean protein intake on top of having an exercise program that focuses on variation based on the muscle confusion principle of working out.

Wonder Woman

Actor: Gal Gadot

Movies Appeared In: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Wonder Woman, Justice League, and Wonder Woman 1984

How she buffed up:

Stunning Israeli beauty Gal Gadot is naturally frail and lanky. But that didn’t stop her from owning the role of the Amazon Princess from Themyscira. To prepare for the titular role in Wonder Woman 1984, Gadot had to work with a trainer who understood the job’s demands.

Their goal was not to bulk her up but to ensure that she remained agile and strong and avoided injuries during filming. Their approach was designed to increase her metabolism, including five-day-a-week workout sessions and five-meals-a-day with three of the twenty-meal cycle involving food the actress wants to eat. Their workouts revolved around strengthening and conditioning with plenty of HIITs.


Actor: Henry Cavill

Movies Appeared In: Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Justice League

How he buffed up:

British actor Henry Cavill did a superb job of portraying mild-mannered Clark Kent, and his alter ego Kal-El, the Last Son of Krypton, a.k.a. Superman. But before they started production on Man of Steel, he had to go through an insane workout regimen that pushed him to his physical limits. This includes Olympic-level weightlifting movements and lots of strength training. He took it a step further and went all out to prepare for BvS: Dawn of Justice and Justice League to the point that he was almost bulging out of his suit.

While these tips may be practical and easy to do, it takes discipline and commitment to see some real changes to your physique, and ultimately, your health.

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