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Types of Gourmet Cookies to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

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Over two billion cookies are consumed every year in the United States alone. Cookies are these round and flat desserts that are commonly known as biscuits in most parts of the world. They are easy to prepare, and almost every household bakes them once in a while. There are, however, some types of cookies that you cannot just pop into the oven at home and serve. These are gourmet cookies.

Gourmet cookies from bake shops like The Cookie Society are expertly baked and include a range of ingredients that turn into mouthwatering and healthy treats. As such, they can be packaged as gifts even for corporate clients and as desserts in high-end restaurants and parties.

Here are some of the primary classifications for gourmet cookies you can indulge in.

Drop Cookies

These are the most popular gourmet cookie option. The standard drop cookie options include oatmeal raisin, rock cakes, macaroons and classic chocolate chip. The dough of drop cookies is very soft, making them the ideal choice for events involving children or the elderly.

Molded Cookies

These are also called hand-formed cookies. They are typically round when molded manually but can be formed into different shapes when formed using molds. The dough used in molded cookies is stiff, so these cookies are somewhat crunchy. Almond crescents, butter cookies, sugar cookies and peanut butter kiss cookies are some of the popular options for molded cookies.

Rolled Cookies

The dough used for rolled cookies is rather stiff. It is then rolled and cut into different shapes using a cookie cutter, and this explains the alternate name of rolled cookies, which is cut out cookies. The cookies are very crunchy and therefore, best for people with strong teeth. Gingerbread men are the most common types of rolled cookies.

Icebox or Refrigerator Cookies

The dough used to bake these cookies is chilled before baking it. The stiff dough created is then rolled into cylindrical shapes, which are baked into round cookies. Icebox cookies are not excessively hard and can make a perfect treat for people across all ages. The common refrigerator cookie options are shortbread and pinwheel cookies.

Pressed Cookies

The dough used for baking these cookies is soft and then placed into a pastry bag or cookie press to drop or press the dough onto a cookie sheet. As such, pressed cookies are available in a broad range of decorative and fancy shapes. The cookies are soft, making them the ideal choice for kids. The most popular pressed cookie option is spritz.

Setting yourself apart in gift giving is the primary issue for both corporate and individuals. Rather than the conventional gift options, pick one gourmet cookie type from the above. This will not just tantalize your recipient’s taste buds, but it is also a healthy gift choice when properly chosen. To guarantee the cookies you choose are healthy, opt for those that do not have refined carbohydrates, hydrogenated oils and trans fats. These will supply a healthy portion of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber.

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