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Why Spending More Time by the Water Takes Away Your Blues

women at the beach
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The beach is one of the famous places where people have fun during the summer. It is a hangout place for both the young and the young-at-heart. It also alleviates the intense heat and is a great place to have a picnic at. You can swim, fish, boat, play, and do other hobbies with family and friends. But do you know that spending time by the water has its share of benefits?

Here is why you should spend a lot of time by the water:

It Alleviates Stress

It’s common knowledge that sounds contribute to our peace of mind. When we’re in the city, the buzzing sounds from the streets can bring us stress and anxiety. That’s why we are never truly at rest when we are there. However, the sound of air and the lapping of waves bring us to a state of relaxation and calmness. That’s why we are at rest when we’re near a body of water.

It’s no wonder why people automatically think of the beach when they want to relax. You can simply sit there, build a bonfire, drink beer, and talk with the group. The feeling of being at the beach is similar to being at the spa, except the beach is free, and you only need yourself and your thoughts to accompany you.

Seawater Is Good for the Skin

Have you ever gone to the beach with a cut then found out later on that it has healed after spending time in the water? That’s because salt water has healing properties. However, take caution because seawater is home to different bacteria and viruses, and if you have an open wound, there is a high chance of developing an infection. It will warrant an unexpected trip to the hospital if you aren’t careful.

The sand is good for your skin, too, because it gets rid of dead skin. Once your dead skin is off, your skin becomes smoother and healthy. No need for a pedicure at the salon if you can get free exfoliation from the beach!

You’ll Breathe Fresh Air

One of the downsides of living in the city is the polluted air. When you’re near water, you get fresh air, which has negative ions responsible for regulating stress and mood levels. Coupled with the relaxing sound of lapping waves, being near water will surely put you in a relaxed state. Take advantage of the fresh air you get by being near water because you can’t get this in the city.

To get the freshest air, go boating. Look for affordable boat rentals nearby, and make sure the boat you choose can accommodate your group. You’ll get the most of your vacation, and you’ll see fantastic views as well.

You’ll Get the Blue Mind Effect

Blue mind is what we call the meditative state we are in when we are near water. This is the explanation behind the calm and happy state you’re in when you’re near the water. This is the opposite of red mind, wherein it is our anxious and stressed state of mind.

It’s Good for Sore Muscles and Joints

Saltwater is suitable for your sore muscles and joints because it helps them soothe and relax them. You only carry 50% of your weight when you’re in the water. That’s why it’s good to exercise your muscles and joints when you’re in the water because you don’t feel the majority of your weight. Whatever exercise you can’t normally do on land, you can do when you’re in the water. People with arthritis usually head to bodies of water to exercise their muscles and joints.

Considering the number of benefits of being near the water, it’s no wonder why people love to have vacations in bodies of water. The seascape, vibes, breeze, and smell of it all are enough to motivate us to move around. The feelings we get are unparalleled. Aside from the usual picnicking and relaxing, tons of activities can be done when we’re at the beach, such as boating, wakeboarding, and scuba diving. The possibilities are endless.

Living near the beach can also significantly contribute to your peace of mind. Whenever you need time out from everything, you can head to the beach for solitude. You can take a walk, take a swim, read, walk your dog—anything that brings you peace. You’ll come home a different person—refreshed and stress-free. Remember this next time you want to unwind and let go of the stress and pressure of life.

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