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Hand Sanitizer With Essential Oils: How to Make It at Home

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Has COVID-19 awakened the germaphobe inside you without even realizing it? Do you also sanitize your hands more frequently than you should?

The fear of catching the virus has driven us to practice meticulous hand washing or sanitizing, but we use hand sanitizer so much that it has begun showing some adverse effects that no one asked for, including dry and flaky skin. 

It’s gotten so bad that no moisturizer is helping. It’s even worse for kids who have very soft hands. Constantly re-applying sanitizer is not very good in the long term. 

Now, of course, you can’t stop using sanitizer because that’s your only savior. It would be best if you carried your own sanitizer at all times when you leave the house. 

Thus, how do you keep your hands germ-free? Here’s a step-by-step guide for you to create your own sanitizer that’s harsh on germs but soft on your skin. It will kill the coronavirus while keeping your hands smooth.

Creating Your Own Hand Sanitizer 

No, it’s not a mix of many chemicals. It’s not advisable to do something like this by yourself. This DIY sanitizer is easy to make, and it’s organic. 

People are oblivious, but nature has a cure for everything. You just have to look properly. The DIY sanitizer is made from essential oils along with other natural substances to keep germs at bay. 

Essential oils are heavenly scented, mind refreshing, soul-soothing oils that are made from flowers. It turns out that those can be used to fight off germs. These oils are so powerful that they are also used in massages as a part of the treatment for neck pain and other muscle aches. You just have to choose the right one. 

Nature never ceases to amaze. Essential oils possess calming properties along with antimicrobial properties that can ward off viruses too.

But you have to be smart here. DIY sanitizer is not about creating a scented liquid. It has to kill viruses; otherwise, it’s of no use. You must not forget that COVID-19 and germs are killed by isopropyl alcohol with the recommended concentration.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), at least 60% isopropyl alcohol is necessary to kill COVID-19. Without it, your sanitizer will be of no use against COVID-19. However, if you want to use this just for protection against germs while using a separate one for COVID-19, you can ditch the isopropyl alcohol. 

What You Need

Now, you have all the ingredients to make your sanitizer. 

  1.   Start by mixing vitamin E oil and essential oils.
  2.   Then add alcohol and give it a quick stir.
  3.   Finally, add aloe vera gel and mix it to bring everything together.

Safety and Benefits

The DIY hand sanitizer is pretty safe when it comes to protection. The isopropyl alcohol kills germs, while the aloe vera gel works to keep your hands soft. The essential oils have a unique chemical composition that shows immense benefits when exposed to the skin.  

Here are some benefits of essential oils:

A Word of Caution  

This DIY hand sanitizer is for those who have sensitive skin. It is soothing and can prevent potential infections. Since there are different plant-based substances are used, one must check for allergies.  

You can take a small amount of the sanitizer and apply it to a small patch of the skin. If no reaction is seen within 24 hours, you can use it. You can also use raw ingredients on your skin to check for allergies.

So there you have it. You have your DIY hand sanitizer made with essential oils. Remember to store it in an air-tight bottle or preferably in a squeeze tube. Now, you can say goodbye to all the moisturizers you would buy to compensate for harsh alcohol. Moreover, essential oils will keep your hands smelling good all day long.


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