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Look Younger Than Your Age with These Healthy Activities

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Like it or not, we are all fixated on youthfulness. Old age has become synonymous with weakness and for most people, unattractiveness. Ageism or discrimination based on age has become an issue in workplaces and social groups. People, therefore, try to look young for a longer time, hoping to defy natural laws.

There are things we could do with our outward appearance. For example, hairstyles could greatly affect how we look. Body hair removal either by laser or waxing is a common procedure for women to show off smooth and unblemished skin. The kind of clothes could also make us look more mature or younger than our age.

But if we want a youthfulness that looks natural, we should take care of our body functions. Just like a machine that rusts if not oiled and maintained, our body will also decline if we don’t support it well. Our lifestyle is a key factor in maintaining our youthfulness.


Exercise is important for our health as it makes sure our organs are functioning well. Sweating also gets rid of toxins we can’t avoid in our daily grind. Depending on the kind of exercise, it could also tighten our muscles and tone the skin. This is important as over time, the collagen production in our skin declines. Collagen is responsible for our skin elasticity. Without exercise, our skin would be prone to sagging and early wrinkling.

Weight training exercises are the best for a youthful-looking body. It’s also highly recommended for people who are on a diet since the loss of fat could also lead to skin sagging.

Healthy food intake

Antioxidants slow down cell damages caused by free radicals. Cell damage is significant in youthfulness. As we age, cells no longer regenerate as fast as it does when we are still young. These compounds are abundant in berries, dark chocolate, green tea, and other fruits and vegetables readily available to us.

Fiber helps our digestive system, flushing out harmful toxins and bad cholesterol from our bodies. It’s not only good for bowel movement; it also helps regulate body sugar. Sugar, as we know, affects the collagen in our skin, which results in loss of skin elasticity. Foods rich in fiber include leafy vegetables, fruits, and grains.

Quit eating junk and salty food. Salt stores water in your body and will give you a bloated appearance.

Forest bathing

This is a tradition of many indigenous communities. Those that are still living in commune with nature get their life force from the trees, from nature.

Forest bathing as we know, however, was introduced to popular culture through the Japanese practice of shinrin-yoku, taking in nature to experience an ethereal feeling of happiness. It’s an easy form of relaxation. You go out into the forest without your cellular phone, electronic gadgets that you often couldn’t live without. Just walk around aimlessly, or if you’re scared you’d get lost, sit under the trees, and feel the vitality of the life around you. Let nature’s energy surround you and influence your own.

Thermal spring baths

Another popular form of relaxation promoting youthfulness that we got from Japan is their onsen tradition. Although the practice is done in several countries, this activity is ingrained in Japanese culture because of the number of hot springs in their country. Hot baths not only relax you but also improve blood circulation, giving your skin a healthy glow. But more than a simple hot bath, the thermal springs in volcanic areas have minerals like sulfur, which helps alleviate skin conditions including acne and psoriasis.

Daily relaxation techniques

Stress is a major cause of premature aging. You don’t have to go to the forest or hot springs to relax. There are little things you can do in your daily activities like breathing exercises, power naps, and short meditations. Getting at least seven hours of sleep at night will also help in your cellular repair, allowing you to look fresh come morning.

Looking young must also come with a proper attitude to things. We couldn’t look young if we are too jaded with life, if we are full of angst. How we feel reflects on how we look.

Remember that your mindset is the most important aspect of a stress-free life. A simple way of going through life should be easy, but we are complicating it with so many unnecessary concerns. For example, we stress about things that we did. Even though we know we could no longer change it, we worry too much. If we learn how to accept the things we couldn’t change anymore, it would unload a lot from our minds.

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