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Cool as Cool Can Be: How Women Can Look Fashionable During Winter

wearing winter clothes
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The summer season might be the best time to prepare for the winter season. Sure, you have to enjoy the summertime and all its glory, but there’s nothing wrong with being wise and getting a new jacket for the cold season, too. Everyone knows winter jackets are generally cheaper during the summer season (though not as cheap as in January) since most old inventory is being sold at a bargain. So, if you want to look super cool in the midst of the cold, cold season that winter around the world is known for, you better use your summer wisely.

Getting Things on Sale

Be practical with your winter jacket. A true fashionable woman knows that it’s not about the price tag on the winter jacket, but it’s about quality and style. You probably don’t care about brands at all, but the quality may be affected by the brand of your winter coat or jacket. Getting an Obermeyer women’s jacket on sale still feels like a dream compared to buying a substandard winter jacket that’s cheaper than those in the sale rack.

Quality Is More Important

When it comes to your winter jacket or coat, quality is more important. Remember that new technologies allow for the production of lightweight winter jackets that are efficient in keeping the wearer warm. You don’t need to spend $1,000 on a quality jacket. The ones that sell for less than $100 is good enough, although always compare with trusted brands.

Invest in Thermals

Remember that looking cool       isn’t only aesthetics. It’s about how you feel, too. You need to be comfortable in your clothes. Otherwise, you will never gain the confidence needed to carry yourself better. Investing in the basics—good thermals—is the beginning. You need to make sure you’re warm and comfortable, so you’ll have the confidence to meet with friends, strut your stuff on the streets, and even engage in some outdoor winter activities.

Do Layering

For a more fashionable look, always go for layering than simply wearing one big puffy jacket. Purposeful layering is the way to go since you can still feel warm while looking chic at the same time. You can combine textures and patterns. You can choose fabrics and colors that complement each other. The key is to wear inner clothes with thermal lining before putting on a cashmere sweater and neck scarf. Depending on how cold the weather is, you can put on a coat or leave it at that. Play with varying lengths because they can flatter your figure.

Wear Knee-high Boots

No matter how old-fashioned some say they are, good old knee-high boots have always looked chic and elegant. Not to mention, if you’re on the short side, the right boots can elongate your legs. Of course, try not to wear those high-heeled knee-high boots. They’re going to hurt your knees and legs instead of making you look amazing. Go for flat or low-heeled boots in a shade that you can mix and match with your clothes. Neutral, brown, and black are the safest colors.

It’s Okay to Wear White

Some people shy away from wearing white during winter. Does it make you blend with your surroundings? Probably. However, a good white coat must be a staple in your wardrobe. It has a clean and polished aura that might be what you are aiming for to look amazing this winter. Just don’t go for an all-white outfit. It’s still better to pair your white jacket or coat with dark inner clothing.

Keep Your Head Warm Fashionably

Don’t forget you need to keep that beautiful head of yours comfortably warm. You have loads of options. You can wear a beanie, a beret, a faux fur trapper, or a wide brim hat made of wool. Make sure to choose the hat that flatters your look and face shape. Wearing a hat can be tricky, but the right one will make you look a bit extra. Crocheted ones are a no-no since you need to keep your head fully protected.

You can still look good even if you have two scarves around your neck. A puffy winter jacket can still be gorgeous if it is paired with the right accessories. While winter isn’t exactly the season for high fashion, it provides plenty of opportunities for experiments. So, if you still haven’t found your winter style even after all these years, it’s time to begin experimenting again and again until you land the look that’s right for you. Be patient; you will get to it.

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