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Hunting: a Practical Way to Teach Safety and Survival

all terain car and hunting rifle during a hunting day
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Hunting is the best way of teaching your kids about gun safety. It illustrates the basics of using a firearm and ingrains respect for weapons. Most accidents involving accidental firearm discharge involve adolescents with little knowledge or respect for guns. Teaching your kids early about firearms minimizes — or even outright eliminates — the risks of these occurrences and teaches them valuable survival skills.

Starting Early

Michigan’s Mentored Youth Program allows children below the age of 10 to hunt deer, turkey, and small game as long as an adult accompanies them with a hunting license. Hunting stores in Michigan would carry the necessary supplies, and you could ask for recommendations on what particular rifle is best suited for your children.

If you have children older than 10 years, you might need to apply for separate Junior Base Licenses. Hunting teaches children the efficacy of firearms and the importance of being careful. You can show your children the basics of gun safety at home and maybe take them to a firing range to practice shooting. Once hunting seasons starts, remind your kids to be extra careful when handling their rifles, but allow them a little more independence once the opportunity to shoot prey presents itself. Guide your children with calming words and try not to rush them. Their first few shots might not be successful; what’s important is that they get a feel for the weapon and learn the concept of hunting.

Highlight the Value of Work

Hunting is a great example to show your children the value of work. You hunt for food and the effort you make translates into actual visible results. Cause and effect can be seen and once your kids manage to take down a target; their efforts would have clear rewards.

Hunting requires a lot of dedication and discipline — skills that would benefit anyone later in life. Hunting also teaches children to be practical, and the skills they develop will ensure their survival even in the most serious circumstances. Time spent outdoors also gives your children time away from technology while providing a little bit of exercise as you walk toward your destinations.

The Dangers of Leftist Indoctrination

Once your children start going to college, they will be bombarded with anti-gun propaganda that makes no sense. The states with the most gun violence are also the states with the strictest gun control laws. When you isolate the states that allow ownership and carrying of firearms, these states have less gun violence compared to countries with more stringent gun control laws. Teaching your children early about the importance of firearms when it comes to hunting and personal safety at an early age shields them from the Leftist indoctrination that undoubtedly occurs in college campuses.

In the end, hunting can be a great bonding and learning experience for you and your child. After all, the knowledge and skills they learn will serve them for the rest of their lives and keep them safe from any untoward incident.

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