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Understanding the Hindrances to a Consistent Exercise Routine

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Almost every one of us has this thought of living a good life. Of course, this statement can vary across people. Our aspirations are unique, and our definition of the best life will almost always never coincide with that of others.

Despite this difference, one thing remains certain across all these aspirations. Our health needs to be in its best state to ensure we enjoy the pleasures of life. Not only does an unhealthy body restrict us from doing the things we love, but it also prevents us from achieving our goals.

The Constant Battle of Staying Healthy

It is relatively easy to stay unhealthy than it is to stay fit. The journey to staying healthy is essentially never-ending. For this reason, we constantly have to find ways to stay in shape.

There are several methods on how people maintain and improve their physical health. Some turn to diets, while others religiously avoid certain habits detrimental to their body. Of course, one of the most popular ways to stay healthy is through regular physical activity.

The Role of Exercise

Exercising is almost always part of every health regimen. Many people participate in various exercises for various purposes. Athletes constantly train to condition their bodies for constant games.

People who want to build muscles also turn certain exercises to achieve their target gains. Of course, they may pair this with a protein of their choice, such as micellar casein protein. We also have average citizens who want to improve their body functions.

It is never a surprise why exercising is part of most people’s plans for better health. Physical activity is great for both our physical and mental well-being. These exercises help us strengthen cardiovascular and pulmonary functions and can help reduce the risk of chronic illnesses.

Anyone who wants a better health state can directly benefit from being physically active. But despite the well-documented benefits, some may still find it difficult to sustain their exercise habits. Others even have trouble creating a routine for themselves.

It’s Not That Easy

Many of us seem to find trouble sticking to our planned exercise routines. Of course, this poses a threat to our pursuit of a healthier life. But what makes these routines so tough to sustain?

For one, these activities are time-consuming. Perpetually busy individuals will most likely ignore their plans for exercising. Some may have already developed good exercise habits. But the lack of time can easily stop them from continuing these practices.

Others might be in a setting that is not favorable for exercise. This includes a lack of usable space for home exercises and an unsafe environment for outdoor exercises such as jogging. Some may also have no access to gyms that allow them to exercise.

But even with little to no restrictions, some people still struggle. It may be easy to view these people as lazy. But many factors can affect one’s ability to maintain an exercise routine.

The Hindrances to Achieving Consistency

Not Seeing Immediate Results

Many people start an exercise routine with high expectations. As soon as they start working out, they expect to see results immediately. Of course, they won’t witness any results until after some time.

They may be disheartened when reality does not meet their expectations. This can easily cause them to be demotivated. They may even view exercising as a pointless activity.

With that, it is crucial to maintain realistic expectations about the results of our physical activity. Also, we need to gain a solid understanding of our goals when exercising. We should understand that this is a long process, and results will never occur overnight.

Negative Attitude toward Exercising

Of course, our attitudes towards exercising will matter when maintaining an exercise routine. It is easier for us to stop exercising when we develop a negative attitude towards it. Although, it is understandable why some people do not like participating in physically demanding activities.

These exercises can be exhausting, and some may cause body pains in various areas. People who rarely participate in these exercises will struggle. And this is enough for people to want to avoid doing these exercises.


Another factor that may hinder people from exercising is their self-efficacy. This is essentially our belief that we can correctly execute certain behaviors to achieve a certain goal. This might play a role in doing exercises for our health and our behavior in general.

Individuals who have no belief in their ability to perform exercises will essentially struggle when performing them. With that, people need to be confident in their abilities to perform these exercises. Everything starts with their mentality to achieve their health goals.

Physical activity will always have a role in our lives. But as humans, we should exert effort in ensuring that we get the physical activity we need. Knowing the factors that hinder us from exercising consistently may be the first step towards overcoming them.


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