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Here’s Why the Best Way to Chill Is Living in Baguio

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Baguio City is famous for its chilly weather, which lasts year round. The climate is something that keeps non-locals coming back to the city. Nestled in the mountains of the Cordilleras, Baguio City is endowed with wonderfully cool weather, crisp air, and breathtaking views.

Over the years, the city has earned a reputation for being laid-back with an artsy, friendly lifestyle. This is why plenty of young adults from various cities have packed their belongings and looked for an apartment for sale or (rent to own) in Baguio.

This new generation of artists and entrepreneurs have not only connected with the City of Pines and its people but have established roots there. Here are more reasons you should seriously consider moving to Baguio City.

Warm, Quiet, and Cool People

Akin to the city’s famous climate, the people of Baguio are almost always in a good mood, friendly, and enjoy their laid-back lifestyle. Although the city is growing, locals know fellow locals.

It is also a growing educational hub for Northern Luzon, so students from neighboring provinces flock to the city to study too. Sometimes, there is an influx of tourists, and they bring with them bad traffic conditions, but the locals remain warm and hospitable to their visitors.

Laid-back and Serene Lifestyle

People from Baguio can afford to slowly wake up from slumber and appreciate the quietness, broken by sounds of birds or rain drops in the early morning. They have time to look out the window and enjoy the views of the mountain and the pine trees along with the city’s rising urban developments.

The place lacks the metropolitan urgency common in most highly urbanized cities. People here have more time on their hands to accomplish more tasks. They even find extra to pursue talents such as painting, carving and even urban gardening.

Amazing Marketplaces

Baguio City has an amazing market for freshly harvested produce, fruits, arts and crafts and everything else homeowners may need. For a fraction of what they cost in the big cities, residents can walk home with an armful of fruits, vegetables, fish and meat, sweet preserves and even a huge bouquet of flowers!

Tourists and business people go to Baguio for various fruit and vegetable products to bring home. Living in Baguio gives residents the advantage of having a wide array of local products to choose from and they most likely know the actual farmers who planted and harvested them.

A Serious Artist Hub

Baguio City has always been proud of being a serious art scene. The city has high respect for culture and diversity. It inspires artists to explore art and design.

Art is plastered in murals everywhere, carved in fallen tree trucks, displayed in museums and cultural villages, or found in cute souvenirs. Famous artists, such as Ben Cabrera, the deceased Pepe Smith, and filmmaker Kidlat Tahimik, have also chosen to live and make a name for themselves in Baguio.

Baguio City’s perennially comfortable weather, great produce, and an inspiring and friendly community make it a great alternative to living in the crowded metropolis. Residents can enjoy the conveniences of city living amid amazing mountain views and great people to live next to.

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