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Healthy Foods That Can Ruin Your Teeth or Cause Bad Breath

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When we’re trying to live a healthier lifestyle, we’d normally change our diet to fruits, veggies, and other superfoods. Without a doubt, a healthy diet improves not just our weight, but also our skins, hair, and even mental health. But there’s a catch to some healthy foods: they can either harm our teeth or cause bad breath.

Other than sugar, salt, and starchy food, some fruits, healthy drinks, and protein also have undesirable effects on our oral health. While we don’t have to avoid those foods, we’d do better to control our consumption of them. Besides, there are more foods that can strengthen our teeth and freshen our breaths, which we’d also identify in this article.

That said, let’s first walk through these healthy treats that may not be best friends with our teeth and gums:

1. Bread

White bread, the staple in almost all breakfast meals, turns into sugar after our saliva breaks down the starch. As a gummy paste-like substance, the broken-down bread will stick to the crevices between our pearls. If you don’t floss or visit your family dental clinic regularly, it will turn into cavities.

To get your daily carb fix without the risk for cavities, opt for whole wheat or other less-refined varieties instead. These contain less to no sugar and aren’t easily broken down.

2. Ice

Ice becomes harmful to our teeth when we try to chew on them. Indeed, chewing on hard substances strains our teeth, potentially causing dental emergencies. According to the American Dental Association, chewing on ice can damage our teeth’s enamel, leading to chips, cracks, broken teeth, o loosened crowns. So just settle on an ice-cold drink next time if you can’t resist nibbling on the ice cubes.

3. Citrus Fruits

Lemon, oranges, and grapefruit make excellent smoothies and fruit juices, but unfortunately, their acidity can erode our teeth’s enamel. When the enamel gets damaged, it makes the teeth more prone to decay. On the flip side, citrus fruits can freshen the breath because of their vitamin C content. So just drink their juices in moderation, and rinse your mouth with water afterward.

4. Dried Fruits

Another breakfast staple for people on a diet, dried fruits are perfect additions to yogurt or overnight oats. However, their stickiness makes them cling to our teeth and their crevices. In turn, our saliva will break them down into sugar.

Again, consume dried fruits in moderation, or just fill up with fresh fruits instead. Fresh fruits contain less sugar and can freshen your breath too, especially apples.

5. Milk and Cheese

Dairy, in general, might be rich in calcium, hence it’s good for our teeth. For our breath, however, it’s not the best.

The bacteria in our mouth break down the amino acids in dairy, resulting in byproducts with unpleasant smells. But yogurt, in particular, doesn’t have this effect; in fact, it freshens the breath, so go for yogurt if you need your dairy. Just choose the unsweetened type to avoid the sugar.

6. Coffee

Our favorite morning beverage has plenty of antioxidants that prevent serious diseases. But caffeine intake can dry out the mouth, causing bacterial growth and therefore, bad breath. No need to give up coffee, though. Just consume it in moderation, and drink water afterward.

7. Onion and Garlic

These spices that add flavor and a tangy kick to our dishes are major causes of bad breath as well. Onion’s and garlic’s sulfur compounds produce an unpleasant odor, which we exhale after eating dishes that contain them. So brush your teeth thoroughly after having your fill of these healthy and tasty spices.

8. Canned Tuna

The bad breath we may get from canned tuna isn’t from the fish, but rather from the can. Storing fish in a dark metal can stimulate oxidation, a process that produces foul-smelling compounds. So again, brush your teeth after enjoying your can of Omega-3-rich tuna.

Healthy Food that Strengthens the Teeth and Freshens Breath

If the foods above are your favorites, compensate for their effects by consuming these oral-healthy foods regularly:

1. Parsley

Mix a generous amount of parsley to garlic-heavy dishes. Parsley contains oils that naturally freshen your breath, masking the effects of garlic. Rosemary and basil do the same as well.

2. Cinnamon

Instead of using sugar to sweeten your coffee, consider cinnamon. Its sweet scent can transfer to your breath, reducing the effects of caffeine in your mouth.

3. Berries

Garnish and sweeten your yogurt or overnight oats with berries. They’re rich in antioxidants and can freshen your breath.

4. High-fiber Foods

Whole wheat, leafy greens, oats, and other high-fiber foods clean your teeth as you chew on them. Your chewing will produce more saliva, which helps in scrubbing your teeth without thisk of enamel damage. Still, brush your teeth after eating them. Any food residue stuck between your teeth will ultimately result in harm if not removed.e r

Moderation is key to taking care of your overall health. As long as you maintain proper hygiene and regularly schedule dental appointments, you don’t need to fear anything. Just keep in mind that if you’re trying to glow up, give your pearly whites a makeover too.

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