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Have a Fabulous Spring Wedding

wedding ceremony in haze tent near the ocean
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The gorgeous outdoors, the ease of getting a license, and the vibrant food and entertainment scene are some of the best reasons why many couples flock to Utah to say I Do. Even better, springtime isn’t the most popular season to get married in the Beehive State. That title goes to winter. Still, it helps if you have more ideas on how to make your wedding prep as breezy as possible.

1. Pick the Best Dates

Most couples love to have most of their loved ones in attendance, so choosing the best date is crucial. As a guide, think of the following questions:

2. Take Advantage of the Outdoors

A lot of the couples in Utah say I Do in an outdoor ceremony, and it’s understandable. The state has some of the most scenic views. You can have it in a homestead, botanical garden, hilltops, or beach.

The weather, however, can be a problem. It can differ among locations due to the varied terrains of the state. On average, temperatures are between 53 to 71 degrees Fahrenheit during springtime. The beginning months can still be chilly as well. In the Utah Valley, it’s possible to experience occasional rain showers. The state’s wettest month is May.

Enjoy the outdoors, but be prepared at all times. Consider a party tent rental in Utah to secure you and the guests, especially during the reception.

3. Consider the Budget

Here’s some good news: Utah has one of the lowest wedding costs in the country. According to Value Penguin, couples spend an average of only $13,301. Compare that to the neighboring state Colorado, which reaches over $31,000. Nevada is just as expensive at $41,502.

Many factors contribute to an affordable wedding. These include the preferences to do DIY or religious practices. Note, though, that some components of the wedding will cost more than the others. According to the Knot, the venue takes the biggest share at more than $10,000. A photography service and flowers and decors can cost more than the wedding gown.

Your wedding, your rules, but with these figures in mind, you can learn to adjust accordingly. This way, you don’t burn holes in your pockets, and everyone will still have a fabulous time. Ultimately, the best way to avoid being a bridezilla is to pace your planning. You can use this wedding checklist as your guide.

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