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Dental Enamel Erosion: Prevention in Children

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Few parents take considerable time or even invest in pediatric dental care when their kids are young. This stems from a misplaced notion that dental care should begin when a child reaches five or six, and permanent dentition is beginning. There are various issues which can affect your kid’s milk teeth and affect permanent dentition, so experts recommend starting dental visits when the baby turns a year old or when the first tooth starts erupting.

Most issues seen by many dentists for kids in Utah are connected to the breakdown of dental enamel. Enamel erosion is the loss of the outer layer of your child’s teeth which consequently exposes inner dental components to bacteria. Dental discolouration, transparent teeth, cracks, chronic cavities, and fractures are a few signs of enamel erosion you might notice. The following are some causes of enamel erosion in kids.

Poor Brushing Habits

Your child’s teeth have a soft enamel layer and hence cannot withstand the tough bristles and rigorous brushing that an adult’s teeth will. You might see no need for a soft-bristled bush, but the hard-bristled one you pick will slowly break down the enamel. A soft-bristled brush should still be used when brushing your kid’s teeth and should be enough to remove food debris. You should also not brush the teeth immediately after your child has eaten since the enamel will be still soft after this.

Teeth Grinding

Most kids grind teeth when asleep and parents see no issue with this habit. They assume they will outgrow it. Continued teeth grinding will, however, break down the enamel and thus expose the inner layers of the teeth. Dentists will recommend the wearing of a customised mouth guard when your child is asleep to avert the effect of this habit on your child’s teeth.


Dental enamel can corrode from the consumption of acidic foods like fizzy drinks or some types of medications. Frequent vomiting in your child will also erode the enamel since it exposes it to stomach acid. When taking some types of drugs, consult with your doctor on its effects on your child’s dental wellbeing. If any of them increases the risk of eroding the enamel, brushing the teeth after its consumption will minimise this risk.

Plaque Accumulation

The accumulation of plaque on the teeth is connected to dry brushing or lack of brushing more so around the gums. The plaque harbours bacteria which might change starchy foods into acids which attacks the enamel of your child’s teeth. This will cause the breakdown of the enamel and causes pitting. This, in turn, will cause tooth decay to develop.

The reasons for enamel erosion seem trivial to cause you any concern. But the effects that enamel erosion cause should concern parents who want the best for their child. Dental sealants, tooth bonding, and crowns are some of the treatment procedures you could consider for your child’s dental erosion. These are more affordable compared to the issues that will arise from untreated decay. Ask your pediatric dentist which is best for your child, so they will have a bright and dazzling future, just like their teeth.

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