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Debunking Three Myths and Misconceptions About Living an Organic Lifestyle

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Many people are interested in adopting an organic lifestyle. But then, they doubt if this is the right kind of lifestyle for them. For one, they think they can’t afford such an expensive way of living. Some think organic food is simply healthy and never tasty. Some don’t have a good understanding of what an organic lifestyle entails.

To better understand the science behind an organic lifestyle, we are debunking three myths and misconceptions about organic living.

No Organic Food Can Harm Your Health

Like all good things, anything that is too much can ruin your health. If you are not careful in what you put into your body, this can do more harm than good. This is especially true if you already have an existing condition that puts your health in danger if you are not careful with what you add to your diet.

Dried fruits are a favorite among organic lifestyle fanatics since these are delicious and are rich in antioxidants and fiber. But what many people living an organic lifestyle fail to consider is the high sugar and calorie content of dried fruits. This is since all the water content from the dried fruit is removed with only the concentrated sugar and calorie left in the snack.

Learn how to eat the right amount of dried fruit and to eat this along with other healthy food items. Avoid candied fruits as more sugar is added. Choose brown or grayish variants rather than brightly colored dried fruits.

Don’t forget to visit your trusted dentist’s office regularly especially if you are fond of eating dried fruits. Since such food items tend to be sticky and sugary, these can get stuck to your teeth. Eat these in moderation and practice good oral hygiene so that your teeth won’t suffer.

Organic Food Will Break Your Budget

Organic food can indeed be expensive. But there are a lot of affordable options you can choose from. Living an organic lifestyle can be affordable if you know where to shop and how to make your own food.

For instance, you are better off buying organic food in-store brands rather than brand-named food. If you want an even better deal, buy directly from farmers. Without the middle man, you are buying organic food directly from those who grow the food items and help local farmers in the process.

If you have time and patience to grow your own organic garden, then start prepping your yard for some gardening action. You get satisfaction after being able to grow and eat your own produce. You can even share your produce with your loved ones and neighbors and entice them to do the same.

Choosing organic food over conventional food also saves you money in the long run. Since organic food is healthier, you can increase your savings by lowering your chances of developing common diseases related to eating an unhealthy diet. You can also buy organic online and by using coupons to save more in the process.

Organic Lifestyle is All About Adopting Healthy Habits

Organic living is not solely focused on healthy lifestyle habits. It also advocates for doing good deeds for our planet. One can adopt an organic lifestyle by eating and growing your own organic food, taking organic food supplements, using organic skincare and organic cleaning products, and buying from sustainable companies.

With your own organic garden back home, you can grow your own fruits and vegetables minus the chemical fertilizers and pesticides that are harmful to humans, animals, and the environment. You will learn how to compost your own food waste and turn these into organic fertilizer for your plant. You get to appreciate nature more and reap the perks of being in nature.

Using organic skincare products can be as effective as your favorite store-bought products. But not all products labeled as “natural” will work on every skin type. You will need to try and test different ingredients to see which ones will better suit your skin.

Organic food supplements are also a lot more effective than those replicated in labs and manufactured in factories. Taking isolated nutrients can also cause an imbalance in your body. With the right organic supplement, you will feel better healthier, and stronger.

Organic cleaning is now a growing trend, mostly due to the environmentally-conscious generations, the millennials and Generation Z. Consumers these days want to lessen their impact on the Earth and are choosing eco-friendly and sustainable ways even when cleaning their houses and stuff. Now, people are making their own organic cleaning products and are buying products made from natural ingredients.

People also prefer buying from sustainable companies. They want businesses to be more mindful of their impact on the environment, prompting a change in the process, outsourcing, packaging, and delivering their products and services. Many consumers would do research and are willing to pay more if the business that sells the product they need is a sustainable one.

This goes to show that many people still have no idea what organic lifestyle is all about. It is not just about living a healthy life, but practicing habits that will benefit the environment. Now that you know that organic living won’t necessarily break your bank and that it is not limited to eating organic foods, you can start your journey to a better life by adopting an organic lifestyle.

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