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A Few Basic Sports Activities Your Child Absolutely Needs

Parent and kids walking
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Physical development is significant for children. It helps them grow and develop both physically and mentally. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, physical activity is essential for overall health and wellness. They also report that children and adolescents who are physically active are more likely to have better overall health, including lower rates of obesity and chronic diseases.

Physical activity isn’t just important for preventing obesity and chronic diseases. It’s also crucial for cognitive development. The National Institute of Health reports that cognitive function in children improves with regular physical activity. Physical activity can help improve memory, focus, and problem-solving skills.

So, how much physical activity does your child need? The CDC recommends at least 60 minutes of physical activity per day. That can include various activities, especially these activities.


Walking is one of the most important forms of physical activity for kids. It’s a great way to improve cardiovascular health, muscle strength, and coordination. Walking is also a great way to get outdoors and explore the world around them.

The CDC recommends that kids aged 6-17 should aim for at least 60 minutes of walking per day. That can include walking to and from school, during recess, or taking a family walk after dinner. Walking is an excellent way for kids to get the recommended amount of physical activity daily. However, parents should be present when their children are walking to help ensure their safety.

Since walking is already part of your daily habit, you might want to consider running. Children who are old enough to run can reap numerous benefits from running. Running is an excellent form of physical activity that helps improve aerobic capacity, muscle strength, and endurance. It can also help build self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment.

Parents should work with their children to ensure that they’re running safely and at an appropriate pace for their age and fitness level.


Cycling is another great way to get your child active. It’s an excellent form of aerobic exercise that helps improve cardiovascular health and muscle strength. Cycling also helps develop coordination and balance, which are essential skills for children.

Parents should ensure that their child has a properly-fitted bicycle helmet before they start cycling. They should also select safe and age-appropriate routes for the cyclist’s level. It will require trial and error to determine your child’s correct cycling route and safe pace.


Swimming is an excellent form of physical activity that helps improve overall fitness. It’s also helpful for developing coordination, balance, and strength. Swimming is a perfect exercise for kids with asthma or other respiratory problems since it can help strengthen the lungs.

It’s essential to ensure that your child has basic swimming skills before letting them swim in open water or a pool with no supervision. Parents should also ensure their children wear appropriate flotation devices when swimming. Floaties for kids are perfect for teaching young swimmers the basics of swimming safely.

States and municipalities often offer swimming lessons and classes specifically designed for children of all ages. These classes provide hands-on instruction from trained professionals and can help your child become more comfortable in the water and build their confidence.

Playing Sports

Team sports can teach your child the importance of cooperation and communication. Playing sports also helps them learn how to work with other kids and develop a sense of responsibility.

Sports also help improve physical coordination, strength, agility, and balance. Parents must choose age-appropriate sports tailored to their children’s skill levels and interests.

It might be tempting to teach your kids the sport you love, especially when you are familiar with the techniques and rules. But it is important to remember that your child’s interests may not match yours. That’s why it’s best to let them explore different sports and choose the one they like best.

Encouraging your child to try different team sports is an excellent way to keep them active. Many local clubs or community centers offer youth sports programs explicitly designed for children of all ages. However, it might take a while before they find a sport they enjoy. Be patient with your child and encourage them to keep trying different sports until they find the one right.

Final Thoughts

The more active your kids are, the healthier and happier they’ll be! Encourage and motivate them to get involved in physical activities while having fun at the same time. Physical activity helps children develop essential skills needed for a healthy lifestyle. From walking and running, cycling and swimming, to playing sports, these activities will help your children stay fit, happy, and healthy!

The most important thing parents should remember is to ensure their children are having fun while staying active. Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore—it can also be enjoyable.

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