The World’s Most Potent Drug Makes Cannabis Policy Look Extra Stupid

Scopolamine comes in the form of a white powder and is indistinguishable from other drugs such as Cocaine and Amphetamine, however, a single gram of this lethal drug is enough to kill 15 people – not quite the “high” drug users usually look for.

Described as the “worlds most dangerous drug,” Scopolamine is known to cause a loss of free will and even “zombie like effects” in its recipients. So if it doesn’t kill you, it will render you completely incapable of saying “no” to things, especially criminals who could be asking you to empty your bank account for them, or asking for the keys to your car…or house.

You could be innocently walking down the streets of a Colombian city when “poof,” all of a sudden a small amount of Scopolamine has been blown into your face. Now you’re high and are completely at the command of a criminal, with no ability to say yes or no to things anymore – scary! What’s more is that this stuff actually grows all over South America, even many street trees in cities are known to be of the deadly nightshade species.

Scopolamine is widely used in our pharmaceutical industry these days – yeah you heard that right…the most dangerous drug on the planet is used by millions of people everyday to treat many common ailments such as motion sickness, nausea, eye inflammation and renal spasms. In comparison with our current policy on cannabis (the least harmful drug of all, yet most diverse medicine) as a medicine, it is safe to say that they are some serious issues here. Watch this documentary from Vice and let us know what you think about this crazy drug and how it is being administered to the masses.

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