Qi Gong Master Demonstrates “Chi” In RARE Footage – THIS Is The SHOCKING Power We ALL Posses!

Qigong practices are classified as any spiritual, martial or medical art form. Every practice has 3 things in common: they all involve positioning and posture, (whether stationary on moving), focussed breathing and mental clarity.


Chi energy is better known by students and those who practice it as qì or ch’i. It is supposedly a force that which gives life and energy to all things. Some Western peoples would call it the spirit or the soul, and others just refer to it as energy. “Star Wars” knows it as “the force”.  To native Americans, the great spirit and to Hindus it is referred to as prana.

Dependant on the form of practice, the art form can either circulate or increase the Qi; others can use the practice to cleanse and physically heal the body, store it for a time when its needed, or transmit Qi in order to help heal others.

There is a vast variance in froms of practice of these arts. They vary from the soft internal styles such as Tai Chi; to the external, vigorous styles such as Kung Fu. The slower, beautifully timed, gentle movements of most Qigong forms can be easily interpreted, even for the those groups who are most physically diabled than others.

It is the power that powers all of life, always has done and always will do…


We are sure you will agree that this video is absolutely incredible!

Our instilled prejudices we live by will always question such a video and a display of paranormal abilities. But what this “healer”  is talking about  is something that indeed does resonate with our deeper inner beings. It’s almost as if it represents some form of hidden esoteric knowledge…

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