Over 7000 Studies Have Proven How Turmeric Can Transform Your Life

Recently dubbed “the golden spice,” over 7000 studies have confirmed that consuming turmeric carries an endless list of health benefits, it can literally transform your life…


Turmeric is a tropical herbaceous plant from the ginger family, Zingiberacae. It is native to India and is harvested throughout the tropics for its rhizomes, or the stem if you prefer. These rhizomes are then boiled for around 30 minutes then left to dry. When the stems have fully dried out, they are then ground into a fine orange-yellow powder which is used throughout the world as a spice for cooking.

Turmeric also has many other uses. It is used to colour American mustard, used in staining and dyeing, but also more importantly for its medicinal properties. For thousands of years Turmeric has been used as a natural remedy for all sorts of ailments, including:

  • Boosting the immune system – Turmeric contains nutrients that have very good antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. Even just one teaspoon a day mixed into a glass of milk will strengthen your immune system and make you more resistant to colds and flu.
  • Healing wounds – Due to its antiseptic and antibacterial qualities, Turmeric is excellent for keeping cuts and burns clean and promotes a speedy recovery process. Sprinkle a small amount of Turmeric onto damaged skin and let the healing begin. 
  • Soothing arthritis – The anti-inflammatory properties of Turmeric make it an excellent treatment for both rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. It can be taken regularly to relieve any aches and pains in your joints for that matter.  
  • Preventing cancer – It has recently been shown that Turmeric has excellent anti-cancer properties and has shown to both prevent tumours from developing and also destroy cancer cells that already exist in the body.
  • Treating depression and anxiety – As a powerful healer and antioxidant, Turmeric has also been used to treat symptoms of anxiety and depression. By helping to maintain good melatonin levels in your brain, your mood will soon lift once you start taking this incredible superfood.  
  • Preventing heart disease – Turmeric is also a great preventer of heart disease. It helps to balance cholesterol levels and promote clear, healthy arteries.

There are many more health benefits to including Turmeric in your diet. For advice on exactly how much to take and for some exciting ways to take it, please read our Turmeric Recommendations. Turmeric is available in most superstores, but it is advised that you try to source your Turmeric from a specialist spice or whole food store. The spices available in mainstream stores has often been “irradiated,” meaning it has been exposed to large amounts of radiation in the drying process. Sourcing your organic produce shouldn’t be anymore expensive than normal, and you can stay satisfied that you are consuming the right stuff, the stuff mother nature intended you to consume.

Here’s what Dr. Josh Axe has to say about this incredible superfood:

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