Why Buy Tangerines When You Can Plant One And Grow Hundreds?

Think about how many times you have payed for tangerines in the store, only to go back a week later and do the same thing. Out of all of those countless bags of tangerines you may have purchased, if you just planted one seed instead…you would have a fully fledged organic fruit producing tangerine tree by now!

Packed full of powerful antioxidants, vitamins A, B12 and C and loaded with Potassium, tangerines are not only incredible tasty but they are all round health giving balls of goodness too. Tangerines also help the body to uptake iron more efficiently meaning that it can strengthen our immune system and help us fight off disease and infection more easily.

How does it grow?

  1. Using either pre-purchased tangerine seeds, or some that you have collected yourself, ensure they are thoroughly washed and have been left to soak in water overnight.
  2. Prepare a medium sized flowerpot using a small layer of stones in the base as a means of drainage. Prepare a mix of compost or good organic earth together with 20% sand and optional perlite. Fill the plant pot and water thoroughly.
  3. Plant 2-4 seeds and cover with just over 1 inch of potting mixture. Water again and cover the plant pot with a plastic bag in order to maintain heat and darkness during the germination process.
  4. Place your pot in a warm location that is out of direct sunlight. Make sure you check on your seeds a couple of times every day and add water if necessary.
  5. When the first saplings start to appear after a few days (sometimes up to a week) remove the covering from the pot and move it into a brighter location that is not too exposed to direct sunlight.
  6. It is recommended that you fertilise your tangerine tree around 3 times a year using organic material, but store bought organic fertilisers that are high in iron, magnesium and zinc also work very well.

And that’s all there is to it. As the tree gets bigger it will be necessary to either move it into a larger container or plant it out in your garden during the spring. Make sure you remove any dead foliage and be sure to keep your tree well watered. In a few years time – you will be enjoying your very own organic, delicious, homegrown tangerines – for free!

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